Sharing Our Lives-Our Homestead Update

It has been abnormally hot and dry in Arkansas for June.  We have made it over 100 degrees I think all week, even getting close to 110.  With no rain for weeks, we are dry.  Sadly I decided to stop watering my flowers and just concentrate on our garden and animals.  I would rather have the produce than the flowers at this point.

We once again have a new addition to our family, she is a small beautiful white New Zealand bunny!  We wanted to get a pair but when we purchased our first pair, they were out of females.  Hubby happened to find them for sale locally and picked her up as a gift for the kids.  She is so tiny compared to the others, I don’t even think they were this small when we first got them.  They quickly seemed to adjust and accept the little one as she has come to be called so far.  (That is Addie’s new term for many of her little stuffed animals right now).

My children are very hands on with our animals.  They love to hold, pet and love on them all.  The pigs have warmed up to us and as soon as we start talking when we step out the door, they run to the edge of the pen and start talking.  They squeal and grunt and let you know they are there.  They get so very excited when it is time to eat and the kids love it!

Our chicks are growing so quickly and are happy and healthy.  We have several that walk right up to you and one even perches on Hubby’s hand while he is outside.  Although Austin doesn’t consider our home a farm since we don’t have a large red barn, our homestead has grown this year much faster than I expected.

The kids and I headed out late Saturday evening to pick grapes from a friend’s vineyard he has at the back of his home.   I came home with quite an abundance of grapes that I think will be made into jelly, juice and maybe fruit leathers!   We also brought home a few peaches and a little squash that was left in their garden.  I will be a busy lady this week in the kitchen.







We have more tomatoes finally coming on in the garden since I have started pollinating by hand.  We are watering daily to keep them going.

A pumpkin volunteered among the tomatoes that the children are so excited about!

And we have potatoes and good healthy worms!  Another canning job.

Are there any new goings on with your family?  I would love for you to share what you are currently working on or how your gardens are doing.

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