Sharing Our Lives: Snow!

It was amazing!  We got snow and a lot of it for here in Arkansas, almost a foot!

Austin and Sammie loved playing in the snow.  Bryan said he was going to clean off the vehicles just in case we needed them and Austin quickly volunteered to help!

This was the view outside our front door!  It was nice and white.

Adalynne and I took our time getting outside.  Initially she was not happy, it took a lot of effort for her to walk since it covered her knees.  Once she started walking in our footsteps she got the feel for it and LOVED it!  This is the first real snow she has played in.

She became brave and decided she would try it on her own.  She stopped there and decided the only way she would make it down the driveway to the cabin was with Mommy.

The morning ended with our snowman that Addie called “Snowman” and Austin named “Charlie”.  No matter what he was named, we had a great time building him and playing in all the snow.

Hot chocolate anyone?

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