Show Your Plastic Challenge: Week 1

I have recently read the book Plastic Free – How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry. It was motivating to say the least. Our family was in Southern California when I discovered the book and began devouring it. We were enjoying the beach and sea life while camping in our Airstream trailer. Picturesque until you notice all of the PLASTIC garbage that was present peeking out of every bush and crevice. It was a very troubling sight.

Our family has resolved to begin being mindful of our plastic consumption. As I write, the first week of ‘mindful consumption’ has ended. Wow! I’ve never been so aware of how much plastic is around me and it’s affects on the health of my family and our beautiful Earth. So now guilt aside I share with you my picture of our family’s plastic for this week (recyclable and non-recyclable). Grimace!

Due to the volume this week, I’m not going to bore you with listing the items we consumed. There was a total of 64 items with a weight of 10.7 ounces.

Ugh, I am overwhelmed with the amount of plastic we consume as a family. We compost and recycle. We produce one regular kitchen bag of garbage every 7-10 days. After seeing the results of the Show Your Plastic Challenge this week, I think our entire garbage bag must be plastic! I’m disgusted. Once we begin to try to cut off purchasing new plastic it will interesting to see how long our existing stash of plastic goods last….longer than I’d like I’m sure.

This week we’ve resolved to replace our disposable shavers with sustainable alternatives. My husband found a safety razor at a local antique store for $2.00 and ordered 100 blades from Amazon for $9.00. Also, I am going to work on carrying our reusable straws and bamboo utensils and saying “No!” to their disposable alternatives.

Until next week, let’s all resolve to be more mindful consumers. Once I throw this item in the garbage and it goes away, where is AWAY?

6 thoughts on “Show Your Plastic Challenge: Week 1”

  1. This is such a great idea! We have been doing this in a not so organized way. I like making it an event! Our big move this year was replacing ALL plastic tupperware with glass. We kept some of the plastic tupperware for crafts etc. But most of it went to the recycling! yeah!

    1. Way to go Tamara! We are working on it too! Just wait to see what we have to share this week that was added (we are excited about it!)

  2. I need to bring less plastic into my house! One area I try to do that the most is produce bags. I have reusable ones, because sometimes you really do need a bag and in that case, I might as well use reusable ones!

  3. Love this idea! I think each week I want to try and do one new green alternative. I love the idea of carrying your own utensils! Where did you get them?

    1. That would be an awesome goal. We are going to be trying monthly challenges 🙂 I love reusable utensils and we have glass and stainless steel straws and love them both! One of my favorite places to shop for green items is Buy Green and Abe’s Market. Both have awesome items!

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