Show Your Plastic Challenge: Week 12


TOTAL – 9.5 oz, 51 Items

Show Your Plastic Challenge Week 12

This week we continued with all of the various changes that have been introduced over the past 3 months during the Show Your Plastic Challenge: Every Wednesday has become our milk delivery/pickup day, Thursday has become the day to bake our gluten free bread, Tuesday is the day that my weekly plastic free update is due to you. The process of educating ourselves continues along the journey.

Last week I delivered a few items to be dry-cleaned. Ugh! I know – chemical poisoning at it’s best. It’s something that I rarely do. But as we are learning to be content with less items, we have determined to take care of what we have decided to keep. In order to prevent the moths from getting the better of my husbands suits, it’s a necessary evil at this point. I included the dry cleaning bags in my count and picture last week. This week when I returned to deliver one more item for cleaning, we kindly returned the bag and asked that they reuse the same bag for our item this week. Fingers crossed, we’ll see what happens.

Today, the kids used the last drop of their sensitive skin bubble bath. It has been used very sparingly for the last year and now is a thing of the past. It’s something I doubt they’ll miss. Cups and other repurposed items quickly become a distraction during bath time. Our latest Personal Care Substitution was using olive oil for hair conditioner this week. I think that I was a bit too generous with the amount I used on the first try and will use less next time. HOW: Gently massage a ‘small’ amount of olive oil in hair before shampooing, leave in hair for a few minutes and then follow up with shampooing. It took two washes to remove the oily appearance but worked wonders! I think I will continue it weekly.

Here’s a list of what we consumed this week: Week 12


  • Returned Dry Cleaning bag to dry cleaners for reuse this week.
  • Week 8 of obtaining milk in glass jars locally.
  • Began using Olive Oil as conditioner.
  • Kids and I went on a walk to collect recyclable and non-recyclable refuse that was irresponsibly disposed of on the side of the road. Collected 2 glass bottles, 1 plastic bottle, 25 aluminum cans, other items.


Month 1 Summary – 273 items, 5 lbs 8.3 oz

Month 2 Summary – 221 items, 4 lbs 13 oz.

Week 9 – 55 items, 1 lb 3 oz

Week 10 –  55 Items, 1 lb 1.8 oz

Week 11 – 50 items, 12.1 oz


Have you given thought to one plastic thing you could do without this week?

8 thoughts on “Show Your Plastic Challenge: Week 12”

    1. The earth shows the sad truth of overconsumption of plastic, doesn’t it? Did you know that it is said the New York City flower is the plastic bag? It is everywhere in bushes, trees, grass lying in wait for another place to sit. Maybe today you can find a way to use one less plastic item albeit straw, bag, cup, etc.

    1. Each small step together adds up to big changes, Melissa. Perhaps you can find one small change to start with in your household.

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