Show Your Plastic Challenge: Week 7



Show Your Plastic Challenge Week 7

This challenge is about not consuming new plastic.

How would you handle the challenge of receiving of plastic gifts or gifts generously packaged in plastic? While secondhand plastic gifts would be more in line with our goals, the feelings of the giver must be considered. We don’t want to stifle the generosity and happiness of the gift giver. My children were kindly given gifts this week by loved ones that fell into this genre of consumption.

A debate could ensue whether or not this plastic is consumed by our family or by the gift giver. I have chosen for the purpose of this project to include such plastic if it is new packaging and has no further reuse. This week 9 pieces of our consumed plastic resulted from the gifts we received.

I’ve come to the realization that I have been addicted to Ziploc bags. They’re creeping out of every corner and crevice in the house. Boo! It’s me – the Ziploc bag! It has been over a year since I purchased a new box of bags and my two last boxes were made from recycled plastic. I have a weakness for organization and the Ziploc bag has been my best friend for many years for this purpose. I now must deal with the aftermath of my organization fetish – a plethora of Ziploc bags in the house that are nearing the end of their useful life. The bags have been washed and reused until holes present themselves.

I’m beginning to go through them slowly and retire them week by week. Who knows how many I have accumulated between the four walls of our home. You’ll see (3) bags in my totals for this week that were retired. My freezer is still full of many more from pre-project foods. Any new food put into the freezer is being put into glass canning jars or other glass containers as opposed to plastic bags. Hopefully, by the end of this year plastic ziploc bags will be a thing of the past.

What to do with the retired Ziploc bags?

They can be recycled along with other plastic bags at your local store with a plastic bag recycling program. Remember though, reduce and reuse come before recycle. We must reduce our consumption of these items. Recycling is not a perfect solution since pollutants are off gassed in the recycling process and they can only be down cycled rather than made into the same product again like aluminum can.

Here’s a list of what we consumed this week: Week 7 Table


  • Week 3 of obtaining milk in glass jars locally
  • Plastic Yogurt containers are a thing of the past! I’m making homemade yogurt.
  • Found a dog food packaged without multi-layer packaging => recyclable #7. Not a perfect solution but it’s a better choice than throwing packaging into landfills.
  • Obtained 5 lbs bulk coffee beans from local coffee roaster without plastic packaging. (Post to come.)
  • Sourced local cheese dairy and purchased 6 pounds of cheese without packaging. (Post to come.)


Month 1 Summary – 273 items, 5 lbs 8.3 oz

Week 5 Totals – 54 items, 1 lb 6.5 oz

Week 6 Totals – 52 items, 1 lb 4 oz


I challenge you this week to think outside of the PLASTIC BOX!

6 thoughts on “Show Your Plastic Challenge: Week 7”

  1. I have also been trying to reduce plastic in my home. It has been a gradual process over the past year. One area I was ending up with plastic bags every week was from the daily local newpaper. I found out that the delivery person actually has to purchase the plastic bag that holds the paper for those snow and rainy days. I started keeping them last year. When I have a good stack, I simply put them back into the newspaper box for the carrier to reuse. This way they save money and I save on the enviroment!

  2. We used to get out milk from a dairy nearby in glass bottles. It was just SO out of the way that we switched back to getting in at the grocery store. I should definitely rethink that!

    1. Each step we take supports a cleaner earth and contributes to better health by lessing toxins in our bodies. I would encourage you Jenny to go for it!

    1. I love the glass milk bottles too! I take more comfort knowing that our milk is coming from a small dairy that is connected to the earth and loves their animals. Plus, I’m not drinking milk from thousands of animals mixed in a common milk “pool.”

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