Showing Our #DisneySide : Mickey Mouse Party

For our party, I received an awesome package full of goodies to use to show our #Disneyside. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions shared (as of our love of Disney) are our own.

 For each family, Disney is special to them for a specific reason.  I can sum it all up into one word for our family….


Memories I made with my family growing up, memories with my husband when we were first married and memories we have started to make now with our own family.

Memories are the things in life to truly cherish.

When I was asked if I wanted to host a #DisneySide party there wasn’t a second thought in my mind!   My kids would go wild for a Mickey #DisneySide party.

#Disneyside Party

So many think that to have an awesome party you need to spend a lot of money, but I want to show you that isn’t the case!  I had been sent an American Tourister suitcase full of great items to use for our party and that got everything rolling.  Then I started searching pinterest for some ideas; I knew we could have a rockin’ Disneyside party!  After a trip to the Disney outlet and Walgreens we were all set with our gifts for the kids.

disneyside-party-mickey-party (24 of 10)

Our #DisneySide: Mickey Mouse Party

With some basic card stock paper in our party colors of red, black, yellow and light grey, we were able to make so many things!  We started with a fun Mickey hanging garland.  While the Mickey shapes took a little time to cut out since I did them by hand, it was well worth the tv time. I was able to make the garland for $1.35 for the cardstock.

mickey_garland-diy (1 of 2)

For the centerpieces we used Mickey scrapbook paper to make festive pinwheels. They cost just about $2.00 to make about 15 (including all the mini ones we used on the toothpicks).


What party would be complete without fun party hats? Certainly not one my children wanted to throw! After some trial and error we came up with these fun Mickey & Minnie party hats! They only cost us about $.21 each to make!

mickey-party-hats logo
And then there were the fun Mickey Mouse cupcakes! These babies cost about $.05 each to make and how fun are they? Seriously, these were my favorite part 🙂

Mickey Mouse Cupcake

We ate Mickey shaped sandwiches made with Mickey cookie cutters, fresh veggies, hummus and chips, fresh fruit, cupcakes and delicious treats the were sponsored by YumEarth!

So back to the memories…

While I wish it wasn’t storming so we could have bright clear photos, everyone still had fun posing in our photo booth.


I mean who doesn’t love acting silly and the kids, they NEVER need a reason.


Even the adults had their silly moments!

disneyside-party-mickey-party (7 of 1)

It was great to be with three of my four sisters.


The only thing that could have made it better was to have had the whole family here!  With a trip to Florida hopefully coming soon, this just got the children more excited than ever.

Disney has such fantastic ways to get everyone excited, the young and the young at heart.  I plan to continue to make a lifetime of memories with my own children that include Disney!

How do you show your #DisneySide?

Thank-you to Disney, HP, American Tourister, all the social media teams at BSM Media & Disney and Yum Earth for sponsoring our #Disneyside party!

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  1. I love how unique the cupcakes were, since most people did the mickey mouse oreo ear cupcakes. Looks like your #DisneySide party showed just that!

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