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At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to loose 15 pounds this year.  So far I haven’t.  Period.  When a fellow Noise Girl blogger asked if anyone wanted to join her in her weight loss challenge I decided it would be great for me.  I do so much better with accountability when I actually have someone else that is working with me, encouraging me to reach my goal so I am teaming up with Danielle and we are going to loose weight together!

Our family eats mainly organic foods that are healthy but Hubby and I both have gained weight from medications that we have taken and are now off!  So although I won’t be sharing Bryan’s goals and progress with you, I will be sharing mine.  After having both of my children, I lost my pregnancy weight very quickly and with out trying to be simple eating healthy and nursing.  I had in just four short months lost all my baby weight from Addie.  When I started the med back in December 2009 my weight was a comfortable 128 lbs.  I am only 5′ 2″ so that is a good weight for me. After three months on the medication I was up to 132 lbs, still okay and then at the one year point I weighed in at a sad 151 lbs.  At the two year point it was even worse, I now weigh in at 159lbs!  I was thoroughly warned about the weight gain before I started the medication but after careful consideration I decided it was a necessity for me and I could take care of gaining weight. Although for many 159 lbs is an ideal weight, for my height and size it is not.  I am actually in the quite over weight category with a BMI of 29 that should be at 20-25 with a healthy weight of 110 lbs-137 lbs.  But more importantly I don’t feel good at this weight.

So here is my plan:

  1. Loose a minimum of 15 pounds with the goal of 20 pounds before our trip to Florida in August.
  2. Loose an additional 8-9 pounds by the end of the year-with a targeted weight goal of 130 pounds by the end of December.

This is how I hope to reach my goal:

  1. I am going to use Weight Watchers as a guide.  I will not compromise by substituting my whole foods to loose weight, as that is really a problem but rather hope to use it f or inspiration for easy healthy recipes.
  2. I am going to keep a food journal with everything I eat and the calorie intake so I can clearly see what I need to adjust.
  3. I am going to rely on the advice and encouragement from the other bloggers to stay on track.
  4. I am going to start with exercising three days a week and work up from there.
  5. I also hope to use the assistance of an on online coach for guidance and encouragement.

What are my eating downfalls:

  1. Oh, I can’t believe I am going to say this but my downfall that I have yet to completely give up is soda.  I enjoy my soda even though I know it contains TERRIBLE things!  So this is me telling myself, NO MORE!!!
  2. My other downfall is that we have been snacking late at night.  I have been working on blogging mainly late at night.  Although what I am snacking on is not really the problem, the problem is that it is late!
  3. I also do not have an exercise program or routine.


This is a not so great shot of me today!

For me, this is not so much about a number or fitting into a certain size.  This is about me feeling good and feeling good about myself.  I want to be comfortable in my own skin and I am certainly not right now.   I know that my current weight is not a healthy weight.  For my height and frame, the healthy weight is considered to be 110 – 130 pounds.  I only want to be at the top end of that weight because that is where I feel good.  I have been a size two and weighed 110 pounds and I didn’t feel, I was actually very sick.  So for me this is about reaching a healthy, comfortable weight.

To help us stay motivated, we will be posting a new giveaway each month that has helped one of us along our weight loss journey.  I plan to post weekly how I have done with my goals and will probably post my weight as well.  This month is hosted by Danielle at Simmworks Family Blog.  You can enter to win an Eat Smart Get Fit body fat scale and a Nalgene water bottle.  So simply enter using the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


To check out the other the goals and progress of the other blogs participating in the Simmworks Weight Loss Challenge simple  click on the links below.

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