Simple DIY Winter Wreath

winter wreath

I was asked to create a seasonal decor item featuring items found at the Dollar Tree. I was compensated for my time but those who know me know I love saving money so all opinions shared are my own.

Living in the country we have a circle drive with our house set back off the road.  When you come around the circle you see our cute, wood sided home.  It has been under construction since we purchased it over 8 years ago.  One thing have we still have to tackle is our entrance.  I love staged entrances with beautiful flowers, topiaries and seasonal wreaths.  My front door need to be replaced and the porch is covered with timber and power tools, not exactly an ideal way to say welcome!   While I can not change it all right now I decided that I at least wanted to hang a wreath on the front door.

I had grand plans for a fall wreath but now that we are already into November I decided to skip fall and head right for winter.  I wanted a wreath that wasn’t centered around a holiday but could be used for several winter months.  The kids and I headed into our local Dollar Tree store to try to find some of the seasonal decor items we could use.  They have a huge selection of winter decor items!  The hard part was trying to decide what to get.  In the end, nothing says winter like snowflakes so the snowflakes won!

winter wreath

Most of us have a wreath around our homes so I used one I already had but the Dollar Tree also had foam wreaths that would work for this project also.  The burlap I also had but you could purchase 1/4 yard and cut it into strips to save money.  The burlap rolls average about $5 at a craft store.

There were a handful of fall items left but nothing I could turn into a creative wreath so we had fun trying to find things to use for a winter wreath.  I wanted blue ribbon but that was no where to be found so we opted to go with red ribbon with silver glitter, in the end the snowman scarf I picked up won.

winter wreath

To begin, wrap your wreath in burlap.  I love the rustic look of the twigs poking through the burlap.  You can cover it all if you prefer.

winter wreath

I just tucked the end piece in the wreath at the end to make sure it was concealed.

winter wreath

Now add your greenery, again use as much or little as you prefer.  This has a small metal wire in the center so it is easy to mold.  I started by poking one end into the wreath and started wrapping from there.

winter wreath

I choose to leave a space to attach my bow.  I started with making one from a red ribbon but wasn’t as happy with how it looked.  I had picked up this scarf for another project but decided to use it for my bow instead!

To make the bow, start off by measuring approximately an eight inch length, then fold the scarf back over about six inches.  Repeat until you have three folds on each side.  You can then use a thread to tie the center or using the longer tail end create a knot in the center.

Using a safety pin, attach it to your burlap.  Trim the tails to your desired length.

winter wreath

Then I added the snowflakes and LED lights and concealed  the battery pack in the back side of the burlap.

It was so simple and turned out cute enough to hang on the front door.  Austin loved the lights he had picked out so much he decided he wanted it to hang on his door instead.

Even if you had to purchase the burlap for this project, with getting the other items at the Dollar Tree, you can make this wreath for about $10!  The greenery, scarf, snowflakes, lights and even batteries were all picked up at the Dollar Tree, so $5 was spent.  I had the burlap and the wreath but if you were to purchase the foam wreath at the Dollar Tree and 1/4 yard of burlap to cut into strips, the total cost would come in at just $10!  If you haven’t checked out the winter decor items at the Dollar Tree, be sure to pop into your local store and save yourself a ton of money!

What are your must haves for winter decorating?

28 thoughts on “Simple DIY Winter Wreath”

  1. This is a cute little project that doesn’t cost a whole lot to make at all. I love all the things I find at Dollar Tree. I get to make a lot neat projects with my kids thanks to Dollar Tree.

  2. What a pretty wreath. I love how it sparkles and it is so Christmasy looking. I want to make a wreath for my home and I will have to check out the dollar tree for some ideas.

  3. That wreath is adorable. I had been looking at burlap wreaths in the store and thinking I need to make one of these. I love simple but cute crafts!

  4. This wreath is super cute and easy to make!! I have never made a wreath before, but have always wanted a pretty one on my door for Christmas. You have given me a little more confidence and I may try it this year!

  5. Even I could do this wreath I think! And I have certainly paid $30 and up for a wreath that wasn’t as cool as this one! Excellent job!

  6. That wreath turned out GREAT!! I like the snowflakes on it because then, it will carry right into January when I have my snow and frosty decorations up.

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