Simple Homemade Centerpieces for Any Occasion

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Centerpieces help tie the décor of your party, occasion and event together. In fact, a well designed centerpiece spruces up a drab and boring table. But who has the time to or money to craft centerpieces? You do! The following centerpiece ideas are not only relatively inexpensive, they are easy to make yourself.

flowers in a vase 680

In Season Flowers

The go-to, tried and true centerpiece involves a floral bouquet in a decorative vase. Unfortunately, many people pay way too much for out-of-season flowers. If, however, you speak to a florist about which flowers are not only in season but also native to your area, you will save money and get a lovely array of stunning plants for your centerpieces. Flowers can be purchased at various different merchants both online and off. For example, for flowers in Brisbane visit Fresh Flowers.

lemons in a vase 680

Floating Fruit

Placing fruit in a glass vase filled with water makes a simple, inexpensive and versatile centerpiece idea that can be altered to fit any occasion, no matter what time of the year it takes place. For example, Granny Smith apples are ideal for spring and summer events, while cranberries work great during the winter season Consider using three glass vases filled with water at different levels for a more interesting look.


Pinwheel Lollipops

For a fun and whimsical centerpieces, why not tap into your sweet tooth. Colorful and vibrant pinwheel lollipops sticking out of a small metal bucket are a great centerpiece for any event whether it be for children or adults. Just remember to fill the bucket with dry sand. Not only will the sand act as a weight to keep the bucket from toppling over, but it will also give you a medium to insert the lollipop stick into.

Pairing Citrus and Nuts

Pairing a citrus fruit – such as lemons or limes – with nuts create an interesting composition. The smooth skin of the fruit paired with the textured shells of the nuts look great together. For a more dramatic look, place the citrus and nuts in a glass bowl that has a pedestal.

truffles in a jar with foil 600

Candy, Candy and More Candy

Simple yet tasteful (literally), a large footed vase filled with homemade truffles or foil-wrapped candy makes a wonderful centerpiece that is easy to put together without costing an arm and a leg.

Colorful Cocktails

Arraigning glass bottles filled with colorful juices and sodas on a decorative platter is an unusual but fun centerpiece that serves dual purpose. Not only does it add a bit of cherry décor to the table but it also gives you guests a place where they can easily grab a drink.

What other creative pieces have you used as centerpieces?

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