Simple Kid Craft: Watercolor Resist Artwork

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To say that the kids love to paint is an understatement. We recently shared one of our favorite recipes for homemade watercolor paints that we decided to put to good use for artwork for our playroom/school room we are currently setting up. I wanted the kids to create watercolor resist art to display on our wall, but we decided rather than do so we crayons we would think out of the box and use Scotch® Tape.

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Although we have been in our new house for several months, we still have lots of work to really be settled in. We have yet to hang a single thing on the walls and some rooms still need to be painted. With being pregnant, I just haven’t felt that great. However, we are starting back with homeschooling officially next week. That means that I had a deadline to start putting our school room together. I seriously needed to get busy, like yesterday.

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I let the children decide on the colors of the décor and various shades of blue were chosen. We headed to Walmart to pick chalk paint for our frames and Scotch® Tape. It is fun to get more than one width so you have a variation in the pattern. I had previously purchased some watercolor canvas sheets to create art for the room.

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Then we whipped up a batch of homemade watercolor paints in various blue and aqua hues, which is a simple kid craft all in its own. Each time we take the time to talk about how each color is made and wait to see exactly what each combination will look like.

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Then the children and I created patterns on our canvas sheets with Scotch® Tape. I was slightly worried it would stick but tried it out on a small piece and it worked perfectly! I choose to create a chevron pattern for Miss Bethany to paint and then Austin created an “A” and a random design. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you really can create any design or none at all.

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Then the kids painted.

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And painted some more.

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With the homemade watercolor paints that use baking soda, it will become slightly pastey as it dries. That is exactly what you want. Once it is completely dry, you can brush the loose dust off. Especially when using this tape resist method, it is important to wait until it is dry.

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Once it is completely dry, slowly peel away the tape and brush any loose dust from the edges. (The kids were so excited we didn’t wait until it was completely dry to remove the tape from the chevron piece and the color blurred into the lines but I still love it and think Miss Bethany’s art piece turned out great!

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Once we finished our art pieces, we started setting up our school work display area. Although it isn’t 100% finished just yet, I love it! One computer is set up and the beginning of our workstations are coming together. As we filled our buckets with supplies, we had one leftover S hook that was perfect to hang one of our Scotch® Tape rolls.

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Still far from finished, I can’t wait to fill the space with the ever changing art and school pieces that the kids will create!

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I’ve share how we’re using Scotch® Tape products to get ready for Back To School! What project are you planning to use them for?

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