Simple Party Planning Tips {Plus Printable}

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party planning tipsAs summer is now in full swing, most of us are busier than ever. We are trying to pack in as many memories as well as activities in the warm months before they quickly fade. Although we have yet to host our first summer party, we have several in the works. As a busy mom, nothing can be more stressful than trying to plan an event you are hosting. I personally like to keep things simple but also know the key to making it as stress-free as possible is by planning.

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No matter how many details you strive to plan, there will be things that do not always go according to plan, but by being prepared, you can lessen your stress and actually enjoy your guests and the memories that come from summertime get-togethers.

Here are a few of my Simple Party Planning Tips:

Pick a date and venue. Depending on the type of event, carefully consider the day as well as time of day for your party. If you are hosting an outdoor gathering, consider creating a back-up plan in the event the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Set your budget. You don’t have to go broke to have a good time. You may be planning a simple backyard bbq or could be considering a themed event, either way, set your budget up front so you know exactly what you have to work with.

Choose a theme. Remember I said I love simple! You can still create a themed party without breaking the bank, it may just require a little creativity! One of my favorite parties I have ever hosted was a Disney themed Mickey party and we basically made all the décor with brightly colored cardstock. Think about the items you already own you can use that will fit your theme. Brainstorm about items you can easily repurpose or make on your own to stretch your budget.

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Plan a menu. Depending on your event, you may have family and friends bring items but try to keep it simple. Think about fun bite-sized items that can be made ahead. Try to prepare as many dishes as you can early, so you are not stressed out. Think about serving fun foods that everyone enjoys that are also pretty to look at. We love serving veggies or desserts in mason jars, or serving finger foods in bright cupcake liners. Above all, plan ahead and keep it simple.

Presentation counts. Even if you are purchasing food to serve, think about fun ways to display your food, rather than using store packaging. This may mean using simple white dishes or glass platters with color being added with brightly colored toothpicks, twine, ribbon or paper wrappings. For pieces you are purchasing, try to find pieces that can be used for many gatherings and then add in your color with foods, layered mason jar treats and homemade décor pieces.

Plan for fun! Since our gathering always involve kiddos, planning a few events or games is always on the list. Keep in mind the ages of the children attending and try to involve everyone in the fun. While you may be busy entertaining, consider setting up a crafting or coloring station. Simple cover a small table or two in butcher block paper and lay out activities to keep the kids busy. It is amazing how much you can accomplish while they are wrapped up in coloring or crafting.

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Don’t forget the essentials. When you are in party planning mode and creating your entertaining essentials list, don’t forget to add extra paper products to your list, including Charmin. We may not always think about how much our “break-room” is visited during gatherings, but it is a rather busy place. To ensure you are clog-free and your plumbing keeps running smoothly, Roto-Rooter recommends Charmin.

In my experience, the best times come from simple gatherings with family and friends. It is the time we spend together that often leaves the impression. To help me keep it simple and running smoothly I rely heavily on my list. If you are or will be planning a party soon, why not print off my party planning checklist to help you keep it simple! Also be sure to checkout the short video below with a few fun party tips!

What are your tips on making a party a success?

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