Simplifying Life for 2015 & Why I Need the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans


Life is full of surprises! It was ten years ago when we told our family in Florida we would be moving to Arkansas.  The following year we purchased a home that needed to be renovated.  Three children and nine years later, we have decided that we once again need to make another big change to help simplify our lives.  I am all about making my life simpler, that is one reason I have loved using the lowest priced unlimited plans to stay connected with my family and friends.


For those that know me well, they know that my days are packed from the moment my feet hit the floor until the moment I crawl into bed every night.  I think honestly most of you know exactly what I am talking about!  Life is crazy, it is special, it is amazing but oh boy it is hectic!  it seems like towards the end of the year I start thinking about the changes I need to make for the next year.

One of my goals is to start 2015 off with a plan.  A plan to take the time to be thankful for each day, the blessings I have been given, 02]to give back to others.  A plan to regroup and focus on what really matters, to simplify and cut out all the unnecessary things that clutter life and my time.

Six Ways I am Simplifying for 2015

Clutter causes me anxiety.  To tackle this, so far this month, we have donated 9 boxes full of random stuff.  I think once this is done two or three more times, we will start seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

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Streamline my organization.  Last week in partnership with #CollectiveBias, I was able to purchase a new ZMAX phablet from Walmart Family Mobile.  Okay, it is huge compared to my Galaxy S3 but with the size comes loads of extra features that you would find in a tablet.  Instead of toting around my tablet and my phone, I can simplify and just carry my new phone.  Equipped with unlimited talk, text and data/web for only $34.88 a month it keeps me connected and hopefully more organized while staying on budget.


So far, the battery life has amazed me!  The kids watched videos for over two hours while we were at the dentist’s office and it didn’t seem to make a dent in the battery life.

Get back to meal planning.  Meal planning keeps me on track in so many ways.  It makes dinner time less stressful.  I don’t find myself scrambling to quickly thaw something out or throw something together.  It saves me so much money and bottom line, it saves my sanity.

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Stay connected with family and friends.  Life is busy.  It is no longer finding the time, it is creating the time we need to stay connected with the ones we love.  Life is short and letting the ones you love know you just how much they mean to you is so vital.  Sometimes this is done with a phone call, email, text or with Skype but the truth is, I need to do it more.  It is terrible I am going to create a calendar in my ZMAX Phablet to help remind me?  This is one of my focuses of what really matters in 2015!

Create a dedicated homeschool space.  In our home, we don’t have a school room.  Austin’s computer is set up in his room, along with shelves that house all our school supplies.  We move back and forth from the kitchen table to his room all throughout the day.  This equals stuff being in both rooms, all over the table and a loss of time.  In 2015 we plan to have a dedicated room for school.  I can’t even begin to tell you just how excited I am for this!  Which brings me to our big news…

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Moving.  Who ever said that moving would make your life more simple?  Oh, but let me tell you, it will in so many ways!  We put an offer in on a home that is much larger and more expensive than the home we currently own.  It will simplify our lives in so many ways, but in a nutshell, it fits everything our family at this stage of life needs.  It will be our first time being only minutes from town, has two finished bathrooms (this will seem like a luxury), it has a room that we can dedicate to a school/playroom, lots of storage (which we are currently lacking) and so many other positive features that will help our family with our 2015 goals.

I am excited to see how the last seven weeks of 2014 unfold.  I am excited to start 2015 more focused as a person and as a family.  I am so thankful to be able to make changes, to stay connected with the ones I love and to (hopefully soon) be moving into a new home!

What things are you thankful for this NewVember?

What are you doing to simplify your life for 2015?


The ZMAX Phablet is available for $199.88 but starting 11/4 you can get amazing deals on the LGL90 for $119.88 (WAS $179.88) & the GSIII for $199.88 (WAS $299.88).  This might be just the right time to make an upgrade yourself.

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