Simply Handmade: Button Napkin Rings


I took a trip to Pottery Barn to buy a set of napkin rings for our table. We stopped using paper towels several years ago and made the switch to only cloth napkins. We use about 1 roll of paper towels every 4-6 weeks in our household. I thought that it would be a simple addition that would dress up my informal table. I was very surprised that the cost of a napkin ring was anywhere from $6 – $15 each. I couldn’t bring myself to grace my table with that expense.

I did however think of my stash of craft supplies that has sat now for a very long time without use and thought that this would provide me with a good opportunity to put some of it to use. BUTTONS!! came to my mind. I found some very simple supplies: miscellaneous buttons of different colors and sizes, button/craft thread, and some tapestry needles (big eye and thicker shaft made these easier to hold).


So armed with an idea and a few supplies my toddlers and I got to work. I have the same age children as my dear sister, Amanda, a 4 yr old son & 3 yr old daughter. They loved this project. We strung the buttons on the craft thread randomly and I used my measuring tape to measure what I thought would be a good length based on a couple of samples that I’d measured previously.

It may seem too easy. Truthfully it was. The difficult part was tying a knot that the kids couldn’t break. After many tries, I accomplished this by threading the needle through the holes in the same button two or three times to close the circle and then moved on to the next button in sequence to repeat on several buttons before tying the final knot. Voila! The finished product.

I might add that I’m very good at following patterns: quilting, crochet, cooking, etc. But I’m NO, I repeat NO GOOD at creating the pattern. This seemingly small project required that I go ‘outside of the box’ for my brain in that I had no pattern to follow. However, I felt great accomplishment that I was able to be creative without following another persons idea and instructions. I wish you the same feelings of success and accomplishment with your projects no matter how great or small!

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