Simply Homemade: Upcycled Twig Candle Holder

Art time is one of our favorites in our home!  My children love to craft and do anything hands on.  I love that they really take pride in being able to make something.  Right now Austin loves candles.  He is afraid of fire but loves the colors.  I think he gets that from his Mama, I am a candle lover for many reasons so we set out to create something unique and beautiful with what we had for his room.

Supplies Needed:

  • Upcycled Glass Jar or Container (We used a pint size jar that is not suitable for canning)
  • A piece of felt (Preferably brown or black)
  • Enough small twigs to cover the outside of your jar
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Twine, Burlap or Beads


Take a nature walk and collect enough twigs to wrap your jar.  The children especially loved this part and we took the time to talk about the changing seasons and enjoyed our chickens following behind us.  We tried to find similar twigs for a more uniform look but that is up to you.

Start by cutting a strip of felt about 2-3 inches tall and wide enough to wrap around your entire glass jar.  Using a small amount of hot glue, adhere it to the glass jar in the middle, wrap around the jar and then glue closed.

You can choose to trim your twigs so they come just to the edge of your glass jar or go for a more of a tree look like Austin wanted.  Whichever you decide, try to line the bottom of the twig up to the bottom of the glass jar, they are hard to trim once they are glued on.  Place a small dab of hot glue towards the bottom of the felt and one on the top and glue one twig at a time, pressing gently on each to ensure they are glued snugly.  Continue around the entire jar.

It looks really cute as is but we decided to use some earth toned colored beads to wrap around the jar.  Austin had fun beading them and then we glued the strand on.  It would also be really cute with a burlap bow or twine wrapped around with a small bow.

Other than the piece of felt and hot glue you can use all items you have at home to create this unique candle holder or vase if you choose to cut the twigs down to the size of the jar.  I think we will make two more to use as centerpieces down our table for dinner.

Even with the children’s help, this project took about 30 minutes. This is a great way to dress up a table, mantle or dresser with some of the outdoors for very little money.

What do you enjoy upcycling?


7 thoughts on “Simply Homemade: Upcycled Twig Candle Holder”

  1. So cute! We love finding fun craft projects to do with things we have in the house our outside! We have made tons of stuff with pinecones, but now I will need to check our twig collection!!

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