Sizzle in the Kitchen with Beka Eco-Logic Cookware #NoiseGirls

I am not a chef but am a Mama that likes to cook.  I enjoy preparing delicious whole foods for my family. I was so excited when the package arrived with my new Chef Eco-logic frying pan.  When I opened the box and removed the pan, just the packaging alone speaks volumes.  The packaging is made from recycled materials.  I love their logo with an earth and tree coming from it.  It shows that they really are a green company.  As a company they are concerned about not only the environment but also those that work in their factories, their employees and us as the consumer.

I was really drawn to Beka due to the fact their Eco-logic line has a ceramic non-stick coating “Bekadur Ceramica” that was created with the help of a German company to be environmentally friendly.  I haven’t owned a traditional non-stick frying pan since I was first married.  The more I looked into the company the more I knew I wanted to try them out!

Traditional non-stick coatings are manufactured with a PFOA chemical that presents health risks to those making them and the environment as well.  During the production process of the Bekadur Ceramica no PFOA’s are necessary-again making it an environmentally friendly product.  Although speaking of Teflon and other non-stick pans will be an entirely different post most of these traditional pans also contain PTFE-chemicals.  When overheated these chemicals can be released into the air and have been proven to be toxic.

What sets Beka apart?

Beka’s design and engineering is now Belgium based.  Beka was started by two Germans back in 1899 and then established a division in France in 1991.  In 2000 BEKA was bought by a Belgian industrial group, Allinox.  I love that it’s core began in Germany.

The ceramic coating used by Beka are water-based and do not contain an PTFE-checmicals.  The ceramic coating that is used can resist a much higher temperature that a traditional non-stick coating, so there is less of a chance of overheating and in turn damaging the coating.

Beka guarantees that its new Chef Eco-logic line is 100% environmentally friendly.

1.  They use 100% eco hardened aluminium

2.  They use 100% environmentally friendly in the treatment of the aluminum they use to manufacture.

3.  The Chef Ecologic pans are 100% eco-friendly on the inside.

  •        PTFE & PFOA-free
  •        Nature & people friendly production process of the coating
  •        There is no release of toxic substances in production or if the pan over heats

4.  The Chef Ecologic pans are 100% eco-friendly on the outside.

  •        Innovative transparent coatings
  •        Natural colors are preserved: no chemical dyes are used on the pan.
  •        There is fewer materials used to make the hollow handle which in turn is better for the environment.

5.  The Chef Ecologic pans are 100% user-friendly.

  •        Ideal for high heat cooking-although it is not recommended to cook on heat above a medium setting.
  •        They are so easy to clean (due to the ceramic coating)
  •        They are made to be high abrasion & wear resistant
  •        They are made for durability.
  •        The hollow handle makes it cool to the touch and no pot holder is needed!


My Experience with Beka Chef Ecologic

I was sent the Chef-Ecologic 9 1/2″ frying pan.  I have used it everyday since I opened the box.  Although I love my cast iron, I LOVE this pan.  You see, as a family we eat a lot of eggs.  I don’t like using much butter or oil when I make my eggs and the pans are always so difficult to clean.  When I made eggs for our family this morning, it was a breeze.  I didn’t use any butter or oil and they didn’t stick at all.  To clean after I was finished simply required a wet cloth, not any scrubbing.  That is my kind of pan 🙂

Yesterday I decided I would brown some local, organic sausage.  It worked perfect to brown the sausage.  I added a few tablespoons of water initially but once it got going there was no need to add anything.  After I lifted out the sausage and added it to my sauce.

I then used the same pan to saute my cabbage.  I left the little bit of drippings from the sausage in the pan and then drizzled olive oil over my cabbage.  Although I did fit an entire head of cabbage in the pan, it was a little tight.  Again it worked perfectly.

We enjoyed our dinner last night thanks to our new Beka Chef Eco-logic Frying pan and this Mama truly appreciated the clean-up!  It was so easy and effortless.  I simply used a rag and it came clean in two swipes.  I can say they have a new fan and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Connect with Beka

You can find out more about the new Chef Eco-logic series from Beka on their website and visit them on YouTube.

Would you like to win a Beka piece from the Chef Eco-logic Line?

As part of the Noise Girls Around the House Giveaway Event, you will have the chance to win a prize package designed For the Kitchen that includes a Beka Chef Eco-logic frying pan!  I am so excited the Beka is one of our sponsors in our event!  Thank you Beka!  Be sure to come back on June 25th to enter for your chance to win!

I was provided with the Beka Chef Eco-logic frying pan at no charge for my review .  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinion expressed are 100% mine own.


63 thoughts on “Sizzle in the Kitchen with Beka Eco-Logic Cookware #NoiseGirls”

  1. Susan Marina Brown Lane

    I hate doing dishes! I LOVE easy cleanup! This pan would be a very welcome addition to the very few that I use. I also like that they are trying to be environmentally responsible! =)

  2. natasha brodsky

    Wow this pan has a lot going for it. The thing that would be best for my family, though, is that it has metal handles. We have all pots/pans with plastic handles. Whose idea was that?! They burn and melt! 🙂 This looks like a great product.

  3. Oh wow! Finally an alternative to teflon nonstick coatings. My children like to cook in the kitchen after I go to bed ( they’re grown) and alot of times I get awakened because of the smell of burning teflon, so much so that I have pretty much done away with all the teflon products in my home. I don’t want to use anything that can cause health problems for my family. I really like the idea of a ceramic non stick coating.

  4. I like how the pans are moving toward getting rid of the old non stick coatings. I like cast iron too, but eggs are a toughie! This product looks great!

  5. I am actually looking to replace all my pots and pans, I’ve ruined them, and these look like an amazing company to start with and I love that pan!

  6. I cook a LOT, and my set of Rachael Ray cookware probably needs to be replaced within the next year. I would love to try this cookware out. :0)

  7. It’s tough to navigate that thin line within “green” and “practical”, I too hate adding oil or butter to eggs but have little option if I don’t want a stuck mess. So many pans claim to be non-stick but that claim is hardly ever backed up by actual users. I would love to try this product.

  8. I would love to have a frying pan with a non-stick coating that isn’t potentially harmful! I’ll look into Beka Eco-Logic pans for sure.

  9. I love the fact that Beka Eco-logic does not use Teflon on there pans & are environmentally friendly. Would love to try there beautiful pan in my kitchen =-)

  10. I like that it is so easy to clean. Why spoil a wonderful meal with the drudgery of cleaning a stuck on pan.


  12. Jill A. Collins

    I LOVE good cookware and I really love that this product is so eco-friendly. I would really enjoy a whole pantry stocked with this cookware.

  13. Tami Valentine

    I would just love to have a pan that is non-stick. No matter what I do, I burn the bottom of my pans! Maybe I just can’t cook! ha

  14. This looks great–I’ve been worried about my pans because they are starting to get nicked, and I know that they can be unsafe.

  15. Danielle Papsis

    I like how the ceramic coating that is used can resist a much higher temperature than pots and pans with a traditional non-stick coating. No matter how many times I turn down the stove top, my boyfriend always cooks on a higher setting to speed up cooking time. These would be great for us.

  16. I need new pans sooooo badly! So I really, really want these because they seem to be better pans than I’ll ever convince the hubby to buy me!

  17. Stephanie Hungerford

    I love that it is nonstick with out the bad stuff and is put on water base so there are no bad chemicals from the production of these pans

  18. This looks like a wonderful skillet! I’ve tried several, and really want one that’s green. They just seem to start sticking after two or three weeks. I’d love to find one that will work, and keep working!

  19. Jennifer Mae Hiles

    I have been looking for a pan like this! I have some older pans and the teflon is coming off – I hate that it might have gotten in our food and I don’ know what’s in it. I’d like to trash them all and start over with products I know are safe.

    1. Thank-you! We love to use cabbage in place of spaghetti! It is so delicious. Funny that something I hated as a child I crave now. My children really enjoy it also. I will be sharing the recipe on Monday if you want to pop in.

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