Our First Family Fun Skateboarding Adventure with #ShaunWhiteSupplyCo #CBias

My children are huge Clifford the Big Red Dog Fans.  What does Clifford have to do with skateboarding?  In one of their favorite episodes which they refer to as the “Giant Ladybug”, Emily Elizabeth learns how to skateboard for her first time!  Her friend teaches her how and she has cool spotted safety gear that looks like a ladybug.  Ever since watching that episode for the first time, Austin has begged to learn how to skateboard.

Although we were a little hesitant to let him try it out now, we decided we would get him one and let him try it out!  There was a new skateboard line from the Shaun White Supply Co just released at Walmart that we thought we would check out.  After doing a little searching we headed to a Walmart about 30 minutes from where we live.  We searched all the skateboards, asked the associates and even called while we were there to have them search the back and they couldn’t find them if they had them.  The second store we decided to call and they only had one price point.  The third store we called said yes, they had a large selection of skateboards and the ones we were looking for!

Austin was so excited as we were greeted by one of the store associates we had spoken to earlier in the day regarding the boards.  At this point he was asking, “Do you have the Shaun White skateboards for kids?”  She smiled and took us right to them!  They were located on an end cap right next to the bikes, so they were pretty easy to find.

Being only four, he was more concerned with the color of the wheels than the very detailed, bright graphics.  Austin quickly requested the board with the red wheels.  We decided that although the graphics themselves were amazing in detail, we would go with the top of the line board they offered with the Shaun White Supply Co Logo on the bottom that retailed for $69.97.  They also had a Thrash line for $39.97 and one more in between for $59.97.  Since we had looked at the boards offered at the other store, I could tell a noticeable difference in the weight and quality of the wheels over the other boards we had looked at.

There was a large group playing basketball at the park we usually visit that is closest to our home.  We took advantage of a very smooth sidewalk area next to the senior citizen building.  Addie was just as excited as Austin was to give the skateboard a try.

With Uncle John helping them out, they quickly realized how much they enjoyed the board.  Addie was actually the first to climb on with his help as Austin was getting geared up!  We didn’t intend on allowing her much freedom on her own for the time being (she has already had a broken arm) but she loved every minute nonetheless.

Austin on the other hand didn’t want help.  After trying to get on several times he realized even if he didn’t want it, he would need some help at first.  He quickly became more comfortable and wanted to go on his own.

This Mama broke her femur at 4 on a bike so I am always on the cautious side.  I decided he could go on his own, but not the way he planned!

Addie just had to have a try at it also, and she wanted her freedom too!

So I will admit, I didn’t ever really think I would get my four-year old a skateboard but I can already see that both children are going to love it! I love that is will be something else we can do together outside to have quality family time.  It keeps the children active (as well as Mama or Daddy) and we get to be with the ones we love sharing time together, laughs and discovery of new skills.

I can’t wait to see how quickly the children master their balance and share our many adventures that will come with our new love of skateboarding!

To learn more about the new skateboards check out Shaun White Supply Co and follow them on twitterfacebook, & youtube.

Be sure to check out the ads in the paper on 10/28 featuring the Shaun White Thrash Board!

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8 thoughts on “Our First Family Fun Skateboarding Adventure with #ShaunWhiteSupplyCo #CBias”

  1. I am so torn on the skateboard thing… I mean, they all want one. And, it keeps them outside, playing, happy. It’s when they crash to the ground that I get all wigged out.
    HELMETS!! Must wear helmets!
    I love the laying down on their belly riding pics!! 😉

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