Sla-Dust Wool Mop Review

When I came across a review of the Sla-Dust wool mop a few months back, I really wanted to look into them and give them a try.   I love wool in so many other areas but had never seen a wool dust mop.  I was so delighted that they offered to let me try out one of their Big Wooly Mops.  It the common household size measuring at 11″ x 18″.  It works like a regular dusting mop, but is eco-friendly and meant to last a very long time.

I loved the fact that they are hand-made and hand assembled in Woodstock, Vermont.  They source all of their materials here in the US.  This minimizes the products carbon footprint. This is a family owned business since 1909 and they are still going strong with their hand-made, well crafted wool mops.

When we opened the package, right away the kids noticed that the mop head was extremely fluffy and full of beautiful colors.  They wanted to play with it.  Austin immediately asked if he could use it as hair.  What can I say he thought it was super soft and has an imagination!

I have to say, I was truly impressed at how well the Sla-Dust wool mop worked.  You see, I have beautiful wood floors and we have a four-legged family member that resides here in our home, a golden to be exact.  This time of year he sheds and sheds and sheds some more.  Everyday I think about clipping him because there is so much hair.  I have tried many types of brooms and they just really seem to move the hair around.  The Sla-Dust mop is made from wool that has natural lanolin and that really seems to make a huge difference.  It attracts the hair rather than spreading it.  Once you shake the mop out, you can see just how much it has attracted!

I love that it can be used for other things not just floors.  You can use it to dust your baseboards, trim, even ceiling fans!  It works great.  The kids had a few words over who would try it out first and then off Austin went.  It is light weight so it was easy enough for my four year old to maneuver.  He is so helpful about cleaning now, I hope it stays around for a while.

It does have a removable head, so when the time comes, you can slide it off and wash it.  They recommend hand washing it in cold water with a mild soap. Then simply let it air dry.

The Slack Mop Company has kindly offered to give one of their Big Wooly Mops to one of The Frugal Greenish Mama readers.  Stay tuned this week for your chance to win!

In the meantime, you can connect with the Slack Mop Company on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also save 10% on their website by using code FGM12 until 12/31/12.

Disclaimer: I was provided the above item to review at no charge.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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