So What is for Breakfast??? Scones Anyone?

Okay, so these are not made from scratch totally, but they are semi-homemade!  If you have never tried baking mixes from Truly Organic Baking you are missing out!  We love their pizza dough (if you are in a rush then they are awesome), and the scone mixes are so simple!  They are termed “basic mixes” as they are basic ingredients and you can add whatever you like to them.

With this scone mix, I chose to add some Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips (due to requests of my children)!  You could add any type of fruit, cheese or whatever you choose.

These require very simple ingredients: butter, sour cream & vanilla, which I forgot to take a picture of.  You can purchase at many stores or off Amazon with free gift cards earned from Swagbucks!  I will explain more about Swagbucks later! 

I also have a delicious recipe for truly homemade scones that I will share as I start posting recipes and sharing my meal plan!  Please let me know what you enjoy baking/cooking for breakfast.

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