The Next Revolution in Social Shopping: #AmazonCart

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Being a blogger, I tend to spend a great deal of time on Twitter.  Twitter is an instant way to make a connection and be able to reach consumers, brands, friends and family.  I share my blog posts, tell brands what I think of their products and share photos of my family all Twitter account.  If we aren’t already connected, I would love to connect with you on Twitter at @FrugalGreenMama.

Being a country girl, I tend to spend a great money on Amazon.  Living 20-30 minutes from the closest grocery store and over 2 hours to the mall, means I shop online quite often.  One of the perks of my Amazon Prime account is that I get free two-day shipping, and I use it!  There have been times I realized I was pulling out our last roll of toilet paper so I jumped on my computer and in two days a huge box, and I mean huge box of toilet paper was waiting.  Other times I used it for fun gifts for the kids, grocery items (like lots of dairy-free chocolate) or diapers when I need a few days break from cloth.

Needless to say, I was excited to find out about the new feature just launched by Amazon, #AmazonCart!  It could be called social shopping at it’s finest.  When #CollectiveBias (#cbias) asked if I wanted to try it out, how could I refuse?

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Addie has been begging for Frozen.  When I was shopping on Twitter I came across Frozen.  I had promised Addie we would order it from Amazon but just hadn’t sat down to yet.  With our upcoming road trip, this will be the perfect opportunity to add it to our collection and make the drive a little bit smoother.

amazon prime5 #AmazonCart #shop

How does it work?  Actually, it is really simple!  On Twitter, see something with a link to Amazon you like and just reply to the tweet with the hashtag #AmazonCart.  It will be added to your cart and waiting for you when you are ready to check-out!  Yep, it is just that easy!

To get started, you will need to link your Amazon account with Twitter.  Click on your account tab and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

AmazonCart social shopping account #shop
Click on “Your Social Settings” that can be found under the Personalized section.  Here you will link your Twitter account to your Amazon account.

amazon prime tweet #Amazoncart #shop

Now you are ready to shop!  Be sure to follow the @Amazon handle for all the deals they share.  There are about a dozen more Amazon Twitter handles, my favorites being @amazondeals, @AmazonToys & @amazonappstore.  When you see something you can’t live without, simple reply back with the #AmazonCart hashtag.  You will receive a reply to confirm the item has been added to your account. 

amazon prime6 reply #AmazonCart #shop
The tweets do not have to be from Amazon directly.  They can be any tweet that includes a link to an Amazon item.  I love this because I may see something on Twitter, (especially during a Twitter party) that I would like to try out and think, I will look at that later.  With my mind, I may forget moments later.  With #AmazonCart, I can add it to my cart instantly, without even opening a new window.

Amazon prime cart Twitter #Amazoncart #shopWhen you are ready to make your purchase, log-in to your Amazon account, and your item will be waiting.   If I decide I am not yet ready to purchase, I can add it to my wishlist.   Otherwise, I can shop more or simply check-out.

amazon prime7 video #AmazonCart #shop

The kids will be happy to see our UPS driver even more on Tuesday!  Now when you see the #AmazonCart hashtag, you will know exactly what it is all about!  If you still have questions, click the image above to see a short video on how it works.  Why not try out the latest form of social shopping yourself?

What do you think your first #AmazonCart item will be?

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