Space Pack Printables for K-1st Grade

It is no secret that keeping children engaged can be tough but one thing I have found is the harder I work to make it fun, the more the children enjoy learning.  My challenge is that there are times when I need to work one on one with one of the children and need activities to keep the others engaged but are fun.

space theme printable school pack

All of my children so far have loved worksheets and mazes and it is a great way to allow them to work while I am working hands on with one of the other children.  Even Miss B loves worksheets.  She doesn’t always “get” them, but she loves that she is doing school too, as she says.  Most of her pages currently are covered with her practicing her circles, as that is what we are working on right now.

space themed kinder printable pack

Austin has had a passion for learning about space since he started learning.  It is amazing what he can tell me about a universe so far away.  He loves being able to point out the big dipper and other stars as he learns where they are in the night’s sky.  He is full of questions of how, why and do you think…?  And his sisters are following right in his footsteps.

space pack printables activity pack

Space Pack Printables

These Space themed activity sheets are perfect for the pre-schooler/kindergartener age.  They are fun, teach numbers, early writing skills with practicing drawing and hone their attention to detail.

Download the pages you would like to use and have fun!  Why not make your day complete with a fun Space themed book to go along with your activities?

Here are a few of our favorites:

space themed children's books

On the Moon | The Usborne Little Children’s Space Activity Book | Living In Space | Big Book of Rockets & Spacecrafts

Build Your Own Robots & Spaceships | Shine the Light on the Space Station

Want more books like these?  Find out how you can get free books here.

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