Speaking of Chickens-Our New Furry Family Members!

Speaking of chickens, we finally have three chickens!  The first two we got seven weeks ago from my sister; they are a type of Bantham.  I have been explaining to the children where our food comes from.  (Our plan is to eventually raise our own chickens for meat down the road).  So on the way home with our first two chickens my son made me promise that these two chickens-one hen & one rooster would not be eaten but that we would let them “make our eggs”.

My son quickly  named the rooster Alaska (my sister’s dogs name that they love).  Addie had to think a little on what she wanted to name the hen.  With Austin’s help they decided on Blackberry (also one of their loves)!  It suited her nicely since she is after all-Black.

The children love to help feed them!  We originally wanted to start our journey with baby chicks since my children are very hands on with animals and we wanted the chickens to be use the children but they actually do very well with the children petting them (when we catch them).  Blackberry should start laying any day!  We can’t wait to collect eggs from our own backyard!

This last week we added a new addition, another hen!  We went to the local co-op and decided we would bring another hen home.  She is a much larger bread than the ones we have.  I can’t remember exactly what breed she is right now.  She quickly took on the name “Coco” since she is brown.  She was laying but has yet to start in her new home yet.  We picked up an old run/coop from someone that was giving one away so that was free to get started.  My husband is working on their permanent home and is almost finished.

We are so excited to have our new furry family members!  We are excited for our journey from eggs to having baby chicks!  I am excited to be able to provide food for my family that we know where it comes from, how it was treated and what it is being fed!

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