Spring Cleaning: What are You Tackling This Week?

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Now that Spring is really in full swing that means for most of us spring cleaning is under way.  I feel that I am starting my nesting time so I want to clean everything.  It doesn’t help that we have several projects under way in the house.  I am working on painting Austin’s room again and Bryan is working hard to get many things crossed off my honey do list before our 3.0 arrives this summer.  With that said my house is anything from neat and organized right now but things have to happen to get there!

To make my life a little easier I have decided I need to make a weekly cleaning/organizing to-do list so I can get many things accomplished before the baby arrives.  Life is so much easier for me to tackle if I break it down into small steps!  It has been a while since I have shared my goals, so here is a start to try to get back into a groove!

My cleaning to-do list for this next week:

  • Finish painting and applying specialty finishes to both children’s rooms
  • Organize all receipts
  • Deep clean the bathroom
  • Clean all the windows (inside)
  • List five items on Ebay
  • Deep clean the inside of the van and spot treat the carpets

My list may seem a little hap-hazard, those are the things I need to focus on getting accomplished this week!  Tomorrow I hope to finish Austin’s room and apply his specialty finish and then Addie’s on Saturday.  We are headed out Sunday as a family to attend a convention and really need to spot treat several spots I found while unloading the van this week!  At this point I really wish we had a same day carpet cleaning service locally that I trusted and I would delegate that duty to them, but until my children are old enough, it will fall to Bryan and I!

What is on your Spring Cleaning to-do list this week?

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