Stamping: Who Can Do It? Anyone!

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Whether you enjoy it as an activity with friends or family, or as a way to get a little me-time, arts and crafts are a great way to express and enjoy yourself. One of the easiest and most interesting is stamping.

Perhaps the thing that draws people to stamping the most is that even a child can do it, though it is very much possible to create incredible works of art. There is no ceiling to how far you want to take your talents.

One of my favorite features of stamping is that it’s easy to do with different materials, many of which can be repurposed from other items that have reached the end of the line. One great example is foam, where an old, worn-out cushion or mattress can be carved and cut up and turned into a spongy stamp pattern for kids. You can even purchase pre-cut foam for stamping projects that require precision, like room painting.

Apples and potatoes have been used for arts and crafts by kids developing their motor skills for years, and with a skilled hand, they can be carved into pretty intricate designs.

Of course, for people looking to make the jump into genuine stamping, blocks with carvable rubber are made that allow people to design and create a stamp of their own design that can be used for years and years. No matter how you stamp, or your skill level, it’s a fun, productive activity everyone can enjoy.

Have you taken on any fun stamping projects?

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