Our Stay at Homewood Suites in Bentonville

We had spent more than a full day exploring in Northwest Arkansas.  We had checked out of a rather icky hotel that morning and I was so relieved to not be returning!  We spent the morning exploring the Blue Springs Heritage Center, and the afternoon at War Eagle Caverns.  It felt like we had explored some of the most beautiful places in the area.  Now I was ready to relax and unwind.  Traveling with a family of six in a hotel can be rather taxing, that was not the case at the Homewood Suites in Bentonville.

It was very easy to find, with the exception of missing the small sign where you turn in.  I had made the reservation on my Hilton app just about 45 minutes prior and when I gave my name to the front desk clerk she smiled and greeted me.  She already had our keys ready and in no time we were taking our bags into our room.

One of the issues about family travel with multiple children is that fact that an average hotel room is quite small for us.  Once we check into a room, there isn’t much space other than sitting on the beds.  We choose a one bedroom suite with two queen beds which meant we also had a door that separated the bedroom from a sitting area with a pull-out sofa bed and easy chairs.  Both room had flat-screen TV’s so the children were able to watch the Disney channel and Dad was able to relax in the bedroom and watch SharkTank.

Family Suites at Homewood Suites

With traveling with multiple kiddos with food allergies, it is almost a necessity to have a room with a fridge and microwave but that can be so limiting still.  All rooms at Homeweood Suites offer a kitchen, fully equipped to cook.  There is a small table separating the living area and the kitchen that seated two.  And the refrigerator isn’t a mini-fridge, it’s a full size with plenty of space for food for an extended stay.  There isn’t an oven, but there are lots of meals you can prepare on the stove top so I’m more than happy.  There is even a dishwasher with dishwashing detergent provided.

The bathroom has a full-sized bathtub/shower and toilet.  The sink is in a separate space tucked to the side of the bedroom next to the closet.  The full-sized mirrored doors were a favorite place for Caleb and Miss B to play.  I’m a stickler about cleanliness when we travel and often times do not let my children use the bathtub, often times only the showers.  The bathroom was in mint condition and the two little ones loved swimming in the bathtub.

The evening reception was serving a tomato veggie soup with pasta, bread sticks and salad.  There were plenty of options available for the salad, including chicken breasts cut into strips.  Lots of the families were making this their dinner and really it was much like getting soup and salad at Olive Garden.  There was also beer and wine available at no charge (huge plus!)  These receptions are offered in the evenings, Monday through Thursday and really added a nice touch.

The open area for seating was very modern and comfortable, most importantly it was kept impeccably clean.  For those traveling without families, they could sit at bar height and watch the flat screen television that was showing the nightly news.

In the morning, the breakfast served was in the same area.  They had a very large selection of offerings from oatmeal with dried fruit toppings, to cheese omelets, hard-boiled eggs, sausage, fresh fruit with coconut, make your own waffles, biscuits and gravy, toast, bagels, pastries, muffins, cereal and more.  We were not disappointed with anything we chose.  The baby loves oatmeal and I was more than excited that it was made without dairy!  Austin and Daddy enjoyed the waffles and biscuits and gravy and the girls loved the abundant fresh fruit with coconut.

Outside there is a courtyard with lots of beautiful outdoor furniture, large grills and umbrellas for guests to enjoy.  There are also basketball courts for the kids to use to get some of their energy out.  The front desk even has balls that can be checked out.  We didn’t have time to find the pool area, but when we return (because we absolutely will), I can see us using the pool.

Freshly baked cookies were offered at check-in and there was a huge movie library to check-out and “rent” for free.  The kids chose the latest Ice Age movie and loved watching it while relaxing that evening.

Traveling is something we so look forward to.  Actually, we are always planning out our next adventure.  This trip reminded us the reason we love the Hilton family of hotels and why we love staying at Homewood Suites.  They want you to feel welcomed, provide the comforts of home if you need/want to use them and provide a large family just what they need at the end of a day of exploring, space to relax.

We couldn’t have chosen a better hotel to end our awesome day and great trip to Northwest Arkansas.  As we were leaving, we were already discussing our return trip.  For larger families of up to six, I highly recommend staying at Homewood Suites.

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