Staying Connected with Family with the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

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When you are having a bad day, what do you usually do?  When you are excited or have something special to share, what do you do?  We usually turn to tell someone close to us!  Most of the times, that means we pull out our phones to call or text someone close to us.  More often than not, mine is ringing rather than dialing but simply put, I rely on my phone to stay in touch with my family.

On ordinary weeks, I talk to members of my family each and every day.  Some I text, others I instant message.  It is how we stay connected with the little moments as well as BIG moments!  This week we welcomed two new members into our family, a niece and nephew!  You can bet our phones were buzzing.  Between both of my sisters there was a total of over 50 hours of laboring before both welcomed their beautiful babies.

My only brother lives in New York state with my oldest niece.  This week I was going to be relying on the cheapest wireless plans service even more!  The kids and I will be heading from Arkansas to Florida for our first solo trip.  You can imagine just how important my unlimited talk, text and data/web plan will be.  Not only would the plan allow me to stay connected with Hubby (the kids actually wanted to call Daddy within 30 minutes of leaving to tell them they missed him already), but also to my family in Florida.


With unlimited data/web I can do my best to keep up with some social media while I am away.  Truthfully, being at Disney is enough of a distraction but then with three kids, time will tell exactly how much I actually can use it.


On our drive it came in handy for the kids to be distracted with short YouTube videos, games and even Pandora right from my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit.

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Once we arrived in Florida the kids couldn’t wait to catch up!  We starting snapping photos to share with the family right away.  The kids were so excited to be able to share the pictures with the family in Arkansas.

While I love receiving snail mail, it is truly my phone that keeps me connected!  With the Walmart best plans from Walmart Family Mobile, you can stay connected with your friends and family for as little as $39.88 a month!  I have been happy with my service and phones that I have had the opportunity to try out in partnership with #CollectiveBias.

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How do you stay connected with your family and friends?

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  1. We just went on a family road trip and I couldn’t have stayed connected with my family (who we were heading to visit) and back home (we got a call that our offer was accepted on a house while on the road!!) without my phone. Love how it connects me to the ones I love and the people I need to talk to. #client

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