Step-Up with the StepTool Step Stool From @Joovy

As a Mama, each day we watch our children grow and they seem to learn new things almost daily.  They learn to start raising their heads, rolling over, sitting up, crawling or scooting as my son did, and then walking.  They are bittersweet milestones as it means our babies are growing up but so exciting that they are learning new things and are starting to see the world.  At four Austin is fairly independent with most things and Addie is starting to follow suit.  She loves to tell me that she does not need my help any longer.  Although excited that she is learning and growing my heart is sadden slightly as my baby becomes more independent.

Although potty trained when we received our Loo from Joovy, it brought Addie greater independence.  She no longer needed my assistance since she could handle the Loo on her own.  She loves not having to ask for help when she needs to make her way to the Loo.  Our newest Joovy product was welcomed with just as much excitement.  Both Austin and Addie were excite to welcome the StepTool Step Stool to our home!  We actually had gotten rid of the last stool we had as a result of it sliding and tipping over, so we said no more.  I was so delighted that the StepTool was designed with non-slip not only on the bottom but also covering the entire top of the stool, problem solved!

Addie now has her independence to wash her own hands again (except she is a little shy of turning on the water).  Austin loves how much taller he is when he is on the Step Stool.  To be honest, I was really excited as well!  At 5′ 2″, I fall short of being able to reach many things, including my top two shelves in my kitchen.  The StepTool has been designed and constructed so well that it is approved for weights up to 300lbs.  It is amazing how much of a difference a few inches can make.

The StepTool is functional and yet just as with our Loo, the design is sleek and clean.  They make a perfect combination for any family with toddlers (or even those on the petite side) who are headed on their potty training adventures!

As a Joovy Mom, one thing I can say that I truly appreciate about Joovy is that they are truly concerned about safety.  I had a conversation with one of the staff members about the use of one of their products and found their staff to be ever so helpful.  They have many video tutorials on their site to help promote the safety of their products but if you have any questions or concerns they are right their available to assist you.  As a family owned business located in Dallas, TX, Joovy is quickly becoming the brand of choice for many moms and I can truly understand why!

Get Your Own Joovy On!

Be sure to check out all the fun and innovative products Joovy offers for families on their website.  You can score you own Joovy StepStool for only $19.99 online or use the store locator to find Joovy products at a store near you.  While you are there, be sure to check out Club Joovy.   It is a cool new club for anyone who loves Joovy and wants to be the first to be in the know with new products, fun contests, specials & whatever other fun things they add into the mix.

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As a Joovy Mom, I was provided the StepStool for my review.  All opinions expressed are 100% those of myself and my family. 

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  1. I love stools for the little ones. This Joovy one looks great. I have seen Joovy products online before but didn’t know much about it. Thanks for sharing!

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