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Despite our greatest efforts, most of us fall short of the type of home organization we would really like to have.  Yes, there was a time when I had neatly filed papers, calendars that I tracked almost everything and a nice binder with all our to-dos listed along with the costs but that was before…before I had kids, before I blogged, long before now!

Thankfully, there are others that realized that we need help to stay on track.  When the kind folks over at HomeZada reached out to me to try out their services and share my experience with my readers, I was excited!  Excited about organization?  You bet!  Remember, I love my lists!

homezada logo #ad homezada sign-ups #adSo let me give you a brief run-down on how you can streamline your home organization with HomeZada.  Referred to as the digital hub of your home, HomeZada is online and mobile software to help you organize and manage your home.  Seriously, the options are amazing!  Not only can you access everything from your computer, you can download the app for iPhones or Androids to help you take all your information with you wherever you are.

Five Ways to Streamline Your Home

  1. Home Inventory
  2. Property Documents
  3. Home Maintenance
  4. Home Improvement Projects
  5. Home Finances

homezada inventory-#ad

Knowing what you own is not enough if you were to have a theft or disaster, you need proof.  Living in Arkansas, we have high risk of tornados and often see the victims of those left with nothing.  With HomeZada, you can create an inventory room by room with all documents, complete with photos.  You can track all your warranties, receipts and owner’s manuals so you don’t have to worry about tracking anything down.

Homezada maintenance #ad

A new car comes with a maintenance schedule, shouldn’t a new home?  Since most don’t, HomeZada helps us with a home maintenance schedule.  It comes complete with 50 common home maintenance checklists, along with a calendar to remind us when they should be done.

From checking fire extinguishers to pruning trees to changing batteries in the smoke detectors to resealing exterior wood they have you covered!  You can customize the schedule by adding in all of your own to-dos as well.   Keeping your home properly maintained saves money in the long-run by avoiding replacement costs, keeping the home safe and healthy, and improving the value of the home.  Remember just how much I love my lists?

homezada home improvement #ad

Home improvements have been a part of my life since we purchased our home about nine years ago.  I have my original remodeling binder that I started with back in 2005.  Can you imagine easily tracking your remodeling/home improvement projects all in one place?  I am so excited to use this feature as we will be tackling our bathrooms in the very near future!    You can access to project templates for budgeting, have the ability to save your product research, track your actual expenses and update your inventory.  They have inspiration boards on Pinterest to view, project planning templates from painting your room, major bathroom remodel to simple vegetable garden planning.

What about tracking your green backs?  You have the ability to add in a household budget, track your expenses for your maintenance, home improvement projects, taxes and property values and so much more.

Signing up for HomeZada was so simple.  In just a few minutes my account was set-up and I was able to start entering my information.  Once I get all my information entered, it will give me peace of mind knowing that all my information is secure, no matter what happens here at home.  While I would like to pretend I can stay on top of everything, the reality is, I need as much help as I can get nowadays.  HomeZada is going to help me stay of track of all the home maintenance to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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Do you need a little (or a lot of help) to streamline your home organization?  Be sure to sign-up for a free trial of HomeZada today!  The basic subscription is free and the advanced subscription is $5.95 a month or $59 a year.

Which feature of HomeZada are you most excited to try?

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