Summer Blog Challenge-Day 5 “Goals”

I set goals, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily.  Do they always get accomplished?  No, usually I never finish them actually but they still keep me focused.  I like to have a list of what I need to focus on, what I need to accomplish.  I enjoy being able to cross items I have accomplished off my list!  Today’s blog challenge is to share with you my short-term goals for the month and why I have set those goals.  I choose to narrow it down to just five goals that I want to be able to cross off!

  1. Establish a new blogging schedule and implement by the end of June. – At the beginning of the year I made myself a scheduled blogging plan that I wanted to try to stick to.  I have done fairly well with it, but would like to make some adjustments since I now have taken on so many other things.  I like to have a blogging schedule, so that you my readers know a little of what to expect for the day but also so that I have a theme for the day.  Extra posts are great but I want to try to at least have one scheduled post a day.
  2. Make Austin a bow-tie. – This is one of the DIY projects I wanted to accomplish this year and now that we have picked out a tie to up-cycle that he loves, he asks each and everyday.
  3. Finish four blocks for Austin’s Rag quilt by getting up to speed with the free Block of the Month class on Craftsy. – Again another project on my 2012 DIY list to accomplish but I need to start making headway, as I also want to make Addie a quilt this year as well.
  4. Start a new morning routine. – I have gotten into the  habit of staying up late to blog and I don’t like it.  I need to make the transition back to starting my day early so I don’t feel behind all day.
  5. Add one extra post a week into my Que so that I have a standby of an extra week at the end of the month. – Life happens and when I work I usually do not have access to the internet.  I don’t want to feel pressured if something happens and I am unable to post that day, so I need to have a back-up!

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