Summer Bloggin’ Challenge-Day 10 Artwork

What piece of artwork would I want in my home if money was not an object?  It has been over 12 years since I traveled to Las Vegas to see Cirque Du Soliel’s Mystère.  At the time I worked for Cirque in Orlando at the La Nouba show and O had just recently opened in Las Vegas.  While we were visiting, I had the privilege to visit the Fiori di Como by glass sculptor Dale Chihuly at the Bellagio Hotel.  It was absolutely breathtaking!  I was blown away at the beauty that had all been made by hand.

Above you on the ceiling are over 2,000 hand-blown flower blossoms in all shades of vibrant colors.  It truly is an amazing site.  His work is also displayed in their amazing conservatory and garden area.  There indoor gardens are a site themselves, full of blooming flowers of every color.  Seeing this was one of the highlights of my trip, of course next to Cirque!

His beautiful hand-blown glass art pieces are displayed at museums all around the globe.  I would love one of his pieces of beauty!

So if money was not an object, is there a piece of artwork you would love to treasure in your home?

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