Summer Bloggin’ Challenge-Day 12 Injury

What was my worst injury and how did it happen?

This is hands down easy.  When I was four years old, my older sister and I were trying to be like the “big” kids down the street riding on the handle bars on each other’s bikes.  My parent had told us several times we were not old enough but we kept trying anyway.  We should have listened but I learned the hard way!  When we crashed our bike the handlebars broke my right femur bone. 

The muscle seemed to jump.  It is by far my most vivid memory at that age.  Our family vehicle was broke down but the timing was great as a family friend was coming to pick my father up and took us to hospital.  They wouldn’t give me anything for pain as they took x-rays and I remember crying and asking my parents why they were letting this happen to me.  I called out for anyone to help me and I think they had my mother leave the room.  Being put into the traction was incredibly painful as well.  Once I was in, I wouldn’t even let them use a bed pain because I didn’t want to move period because I was afraid of hurting again. 

The Children’s Hospital was wonderful and I remember once I was placed in a BODY cast being wheeled around the hospital in a red wagon.   They had a playroom that you could craft in, I remember making band-aid people.  But little did I know the fun was just beginning. 

I spent almost the next three months in a body cast.  For a four-year-old it seemed like an eternity.  Once I was cut out, I had very little use of both my legs and had to almost learn to rewalk again.  My poor mother who was 7 months pregnant had here hands full.  If only I would have listened it would have saved me and my family so much trouble. 

Being the age I was,my bone over healed and I have one leg longer than the other.  To this day I have severe difficulties as a result.  I have problems with my hips, lower back and even am in need of knee replacements all at the ripe ole age of almost 30.  I learned a valuable lesson!

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