Summer Bloggin’ Challenge-Day 13 End of the Year

How do I see myself at the end of the year? 

Personally I hope to be at a more comfortable weight and be fit, feeling better, more rested.  But that is what I hope for myself. 

I hope to have started Pre-school with both Austin and Addie.  I want to be well on my a great morning routine as well! Here is my list of goals I had set for 2012 and I hope to be able to cross off most if not all that I set out to do this year.

Most importantly, it is truly my hearts desire to be working completely from home by the end of the year between bookkeeping and blogging.  Although my sister takes amazing care of my children, which I hope to still use her assistance with the kids I hope to no longer have to worry about rearranging schedules and being away from them as much as I am.

I know that many parents have no choice but for both parents to work as is our case but I don’t leave my children every day but a couple of days a week.  Some days they even work with me, so I have a nice situation but it has always been my hearts desire to be a stay at home/work at home Mama.  So that is the goal we are working towards and hope to accomplish or be close towards the end of the year. 

What are your goals to accomplish by the end of the year?

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