Summer Bloggin’ Challenge-Day 14, Tips for Life

What 15 tips would I share to get through life?

  1. Always say “Thank-you”
  2. Always say “I love you!”
  3. Try to think of others before yourself. 
  4. Don’t be quick to judge, situations are not always what they seem and you may only know what appears to the eye.
  5. Always try to settle differences before departing, as you never know what tomorrow will hold.
  6. Treat others with dignity and respect.
  7. Be happy and content with the simple things that life has to offer.
  8. Put God first and learn to rely on him fully.
  9. Never second guess his counsel or guidance; he created us and knows what is best.
  10. Keep in touch with your childhood best friends (the real ones)! 
  11. Savor every special moment with your children, or loved ones. 
  12. Don’t always expect too much of yourself, you will be setting yourself up for failure.
  13. Don’t expect perfection from others as none of us are perfect ourselves.
  14. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.
  15. Always turn to God for help and strength in whatever trials you may face.  He assures us he will never allow our load to become impossible for us to carry!

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