Summer Bloggin’ Challenge-Day 16, Fitness Habits

#34302 Clip Art Graphic Of An Orange Guy Character Working Out On A Stair Climber In A Fitness Gym by Jester Arts
Courtesy Jester Arts

Today I was asked to share what my fitness habits are?

Although I am seriously working on this, I don’t have a serious workout routine.  As part of my weight loss challenge with Danielle at Simmworks Family Blog I am trying to at least work-out a minimum of three times a week.  I am not a lazy person and most certainly am not a couch potato but I don’t have a strict routine either.  The main times I sit down are when I am blogging, otherwise I am on the go, chasing after little ones 🙂

We eat almost exclusively healthy, organic foods and are slowly working to a whole foods diet completely.  I know that I do need to do more.  When I did work out regularly, I had so much more energy which I could use right now.

So what about you, would you consider yourself a fitness guru or a couch potato?

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