Summer Bloggin Challenge-Day 3


What are 15 interesting things about myself?  That is the question for today, so here are a few things you may or may not know about Amanda.

  1. I have four other siblings, one brother and three sisters (plus three bonus brothers and one wonderful bonus sister).
  2. I love how it smells after a good, hard rain.
  3. My favorite color is yellow!  It is so happy and bright.
  4. I have blue eyes.
  5. I love brussel sprouts.
  6. I met my husband at a wedding.
  7. I use to really love to paint; I really need to make time to do it again.
  8. Deep, dark chocolate is my favorite!
  9. I love wild flowers.
  10. I needlepoint and sew-I have so many unfinished projects in the works!
  11. Sammie is the name of our golden family member.
  12. I am a true country girl at heart and love living in the country.
  13. I would love to take a family Cruise to the Caribbean.
  14. I have visited Disney World at least 20 times.
  15. Eating fresh crab is heavenly!

So there are a few things about myself you may not have know.  I would love to learn more about you!  Feel free to comment with something you would like to learn about yourself!


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