Summer Bloggin’ Challenge-Day 8 Guilty Pleasure

Today’s blog challenge is on guilty pleasures.  It shouldn’t be difficulty but it really took me a while to come up with mine.  I guess maybe I have too many or I am just a really boring person, take your pick!  I would say one of my favorite guilty pleasures, would hands down have to be a warm chocolate chip cookie with a big glass of milk….you are calling my name loud and clear!  Please stop, as I am trying to loose weight right now, but still love you.

Do you have a guilty pleasure that you would like to share?  Maybe not food, maybe it’s nail polish or your shoes, whatever it is I would love to hear!




1 thought on “Summer Bloggin’ Challenge-Day 8 Guilty Pleasure”

  1. Oooooo… there is nothing like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven! I even microwave mine for a few seconds the next day so that they get all warm & gooey again. 😉

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