Summer Bloggin’ Challenge-Day 9 Cooking Disaster

I have had my fair share of cooking flops since we were married over nine years ago.  Most have been edible, just not recipes worth repeating.  The worst cooking disaster I would have to say would have been the year we were first married.  Bryan and I had very opposite schedules most days so I would wake up with Hubby at 3:45am to get him breakfast and make his lunch.  Really it was our time together those days as I would work very late.  Since I was still in newlywed mode, I would also try to make dinner so that all he had to do was pop it in the oven and was good to go.

Bryan loved, (still loves) pasta.  I found a recipe that looked amazing some sort of 5 cheese dish, you can’t go wrong with pasta, right?  I purchased several cheeses we had never had before or may not use again (what was I thinking) to try this recipe out.  I was so proud of myself as it looked so nice and I couldn’t wait  for Bryan to try it.  I don’t remember now exactly how I got to come home early that day, but I actually made it home before he did.  After taking it from the oven, it smelled really strong and not in an appetizing way.  We both ate one bite and looked at each other with large eyes.  It was a BOMB!  I couldn’t even swallow the bite.  It was disgusting!  Bryan didn’t complain and said, I can eat it.  Bryan has never complained about anything I have made, to this day still (I do love that about him).  He may have been able to eat it, but not me.  I politely suggested we order in a pizza and he agreed.

I never could figure out what went wrong.  I love cheese and love many hard cheese varieties.  That was such a waste, something like $25 just on these funky cheeses that we gave away.  I couldn’t even bring myself to try them afterwards to see which it was that was nasty.  Oh well, you learn right!  Never do I make recipes anymore that require ingredients that I would never use again, I am much too practical for that now.

So have you had any cooking disasters that you would like to share?  I would love to hear about them!


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