Summer is Here! So is Our Summer Bucket list!

summer bucketlist

Summer is here!  We so look forward to warm sunshine summer brings after winter.  We have been discussing our summer plans long before it was even warm.  The kids would mention, lets do this when it gets warm, lets do that when it gets warm.  They are always coming up with great plans and ideas of things they want to do, this year will be no exception.

Last summer I was very, very pregnant.  As a result, we did very little outdoors, or anywhere really.  This year it will be quite different.  We have multiple road trips planned (one, two already completed!), plans to enjoy a few things that the beautiful state of Arkansas offers and plans to enjoy each summer day even if from home.  We can’t wait to share our adventures with you starting next week!  As well as see some of yours!

Our motto this summer is: Turn moments into memories!

Since I am all about lists (and the kids are nowadays as well), we decided to sit down and put pen to paper to start compiling our summer bucket list!  Everything we could think of we may want to do (that could be realistic) we tried to include.  We may not get to them all, we may add more in, but for now we have great aspirations we hope to turn into inspirations.

2014 Summer Bucket List

    1. Ride a train
    2. Dig for diamonds (literally, at the Crater of Diamonds State Park!)
    3. Go camping
    4. Go fishing
    5. Feed the ducks
    6. Go swimming
    7. Take a picnic
    8. Visit a state park
    9. Create a waterpark at home (aka play in the sprinklers)
    10. Go to a drive-in
    11. Fly kites
    12. Make a kite
    13. Have a water balloon fight
    14. Make ice cream
    15. Have a bonfire with s’mores
    16. Camp in the living room in a tent (movie under the stars indoors)
    17. Make tie-dye tees
    18. Make bouncy balls
    19. Make playdough
    20. Have a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt
    21. Create a piece of family artwork
    22. Buy new chicks
    23. Visit a zoo
    24. Ride bikes
    25. Hatch butterflies
    26. Host a field day
    27. Have a treasure hunt
    28. Grow sunflowers
    29. Blow bubbles (make our own)
    30. Visit the beach
    31. Make sandcastles
    32. Take a hike
    33. Make our own sidewalk chalk
    34. Visit a splash park
    35. Pick berries

This month we already have been able to cross several off our list!  Although we may not cross everything off, we will be striving to turn the moments into beautiful family memories.

Do you create a summer bucket list? What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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