Summer Time Equals Greater Need for Water Conservation

The heat and humidity today remind me that it is officially summer time!  Many of us think about ways to make our homes more energy-efficient, since many of us here in the South will be running our air conditioning units all summer long.  Today however my mind was heading down a slightly different path.  My yard is really quite brown and it is just June.  My water bill was almost $30.00 more than it was in the prior months due to watering animals more, and since we have had little rain, the garden almost daily not even watering our lawn.  It got me to thinking about how important water conservation is and what each of us can do to help.

What is Water Conservation?

The water cycle is an amazing natural cycle put in place to clean and recycle our water.  When we speak of water conservation we usually are referring to reducing our water consumption whether it be usable or waste water and preserving the quality of the water.  The bottom line is we all need clean water to survive and by living sustainably we can ensure that there will be enough clean water  for our children and future generations.  Water is the life-blood of our environment as well.  From the beautiful mountains to the aquatic Eco-systems to the deserts, water holds everything together, making it possible for people and wildlife to survive.

According to the statistics on, the average individual daily consumption of water is 159 gallons, while more than half the world’s population lives on 25 gallons.  Think about that!

Of course there are many benefits to water conservation, preserving clean water and sustainability top the list but also there are money-saving benefits as well!  Not only will your water bill go down, but as you heat less water, your gas or energy bill will also be on the decline as well.

What can we do?

There are many simple household changes that we can make in our homes to reduce our water consumption:  Install low flowing shower heads that are more energy efficient, low flushing toilets which are also energy-efficient since they use less to flush, and use high energy-efficient washing machines all can make a difference.

But what about our lawns and gardens?  So many people pride themselves off of their yards and we use our gardens to provide for our families.  There are still many ways we can conserve water:  use rain barrels to harvest rain water, use your grey water to water your lawns, simply using mulch helps to retain water, water your plants and trees at the roots where the water is needed instead of wasting it on the leaves, and installing a sprinkler system on a timer if you water your lawn and only water when it is absolutely needed!

The average lawn needs approximately an inch of water a week to survive.  While that is easily said, figuring out how much an inch is can be difficult.  Install a simple rain gauge and if you are using a sprinkler, time it to see how long it takes to reach the quarter in mark.  If it takes 20 minutes, you will know that your lawn will need 80 minutes of watering if there is not rain.

As the population continues to increase the strains placed on the environment and the critical Eco-systems we live in will continue to increase.  By practicing small steps to conserve water, each of us will help to preserve the environment and the precious clean water we all need to survive.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Time Equals Greater Need for Water Conservation”

  1. Kelley @Kelley's Passion for Nutrition

    I love your post! I wish it rained more here, but it is the nature of the desert. That is why we zero scape everything. Nature plants only that thrive with little water. Only my Garden gets watered daily.

  2. I love the rain barrel idea! It has rained TONS here, I should have that about that before! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Stoppin by from the Green Mom’s Network 😉

  3. We are an eco friendly home and we set out several rain barrels to collect water in so that if it has been several days since a rain we can water our gardens without excess use on our well

  4. I like the tip to use rain barrels for gardening! right now it’s pouring and I can totally see that being a better option then the hose, great tips and reminders.

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