Summertime Memories

This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club and all opinions shared are my own.

Summer time is in full swing – so it’s the time for making family memories!  For most families, we look ever so forward to the extra time we have with our children during the summer months. Some families plan epic summer vacations, others plan day trips closer to home, some plan visits to local theme parks or explore national parks.  No matter how you plan to spend your summer, most of us all have plans to spend time with our family and friends.

Growing up in the South, we camped frequently in the summer months, often by water so we could enjoy an escape from the summer heat.  We looked forward to it every summer.  Campfires, swimming, card games, board games, chasing fireflies, it was such a great way to connect as a family and leave the outside world behind for a little while.  It created lifelong memories.

Now more than ever we need some time to unplug, recharge and reconnect with our family and friends.  It doesn’t have to be a weeklong camping trip, although those are pretty amazing too, it can be as simple as hosting a fun summer barbeque.  Having a bigger family already, when we plan to entertain others, it requires I stock up on large quantities.  Sam’s Club has always been my go-to for shopping for large bulk products at great prices but they also make it easy to stock up on everything you need to plan an epic summer barbeque.

Just last week my family headed into the Smoky Mountain National Park for a fun day of unplugging, re-charging and reconnecting.  Before we headed into the National Park, I made a stop at my local Sam’s Club to get everything we would need for a fun day of exploring, relaxing and making memories.  In one quick trip, I was able to stock up on hamburger patties, ribs that turned out ah-mazing, a beautiful watermelon, chips, hummus, condiments and a package of delicious Member’s Mark brownie bites.  We even found the cutest animal bubble gloves that were the perfect addition to our day planned in the Smoky Mountain National Park.  One quick stop and we were on our way to making memories.

We arrived early in the morning, and because we clearly weren’t the only ones with plans for a summer barbeque, we were able to snag the very last available table.  After unpacking and settling in, the children played with the adorable animal bubble gloves, played a fun barbeque themed game, and fun sparklers.

After enjoying our lunch, we swam in the very cool stream that runs through the National Park.  Austin held a crawfish, Miss B tried to catch the small minnows and Addie and Caleb were content to play in the water and add more rocks to the rock wall that was forming a mini damn.  Late in the afternoon when it started to thunder and lighting and I had to peel the children away from our picnic site, I knew that this first barbeque of the summer was a huge success!  Delicious food from Sam’s Club, my dear loved ones and loads of memories to be tucked away in my pocket were made.

What is your favorite thing to purchase at Sam’s Club for summer barbeques?


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