Super Why Live:You’ve Got the Power! in Memphis, TN is this Sunday!

If you live close to Memphis, TN and have little ones, you will be sure to want to check this out!  My children are so excited for Sunday to come.  We are headed over for a day trip on Sunday, July 22nd to Memphis to see the Super Why Live!  show at the Orpheum theatre.

Super WHY Live!There are still tickets available!   This is the first ever live Super Why show!  We are so excited for it to be close enough that we can make it!  If you don’t live close to Memphis, TN, be sure to check out the other dates on the tour schedule here.  Don’t worry if your city isn’t listed, more will be added soon.

The dynamic, knowledge-seeking characters from the PBS hit TV show burst from the screen and onto the stage during Super Why Live: You’ve Got the Power! The interactive show features beloved characters such as Alpha Pig, Wonder Red, and Woofster the puppy as they set out on adventures in reading against a backdrop of dazzling multimedia.

The show features aerial stunts, choreographed dances, and tunes such as “Fairytale Friends” envelop preschool audience members in a thrilling, exploratory world of learning that’s much more fun than getting locked in a library overnight.

Sounds like Super Fun!  Will you be there?


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