Best Family Travel Ideas

Family Travel: Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Sometimes there are movies that just touch your heart, that really move you. Dolphin Tale was one of those movies for my family. From the first time my oldest watched Dolphin Tale, he loved it. He was inspired by the relationship Sawyer had with Winter, the way he cared for and looked out for her, really all those at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Family Vacation Travels to Busch Gardens

When we talk about planning another trip to Florida, I am flooded with memories of years past. I am often taken back many years, 16 or 17 years to when I was youth myself living in Florida with my family. So many of the things I now am wanting to take my own family to experience are things I did with my family growing up years ago.

This trip to Florida was rather quickly planned. Our itinerary was laid out with little give because there was so much to pack in such a short amount of time. We were very blessed to have our stay in Clearwater planned and hosted. When the topic of Busch Gardens came up, I knew without a doubt I wanted to take the family. Back when I was a later teenager, we had season passes and would often drive over. My mother loved roller-coasters and riding Montu was such a thrill. We loved just how laid back the park was and the fact that it is so unique. I have so many great memories.