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Fight Off the Heat With These Cool Tips

Summer. It’s a season often welcomed with open arms after a cold and long winter. However, summer begins to wear out its welcome when the temperature rises into the triple digits and the heat becomes unbearable—and you start wishing for winter to come around the corner. Getting through a hot summer doesn’t have to be painful. Knowing a few tips to cool your house by effectively using your air conditioning unit can help you fight off the heat.

Teach Kids the Power of Clean Water & Giving Back {Plus Giveaway}

I agreed to share my true feelings about clean water in participation with P&G and The Motherhood. Although I was compensated for sharing, all opinions and stories shared are my own. Last year I had the privilege to partner with the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program to share about their amazing clean water program. …

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Making Organic Foods Available to Everyone

There are many reasons that people think that “organic” foods are only available to people with money. The prices are higher on most all products and they tend to be harder to find. Living in a very rural area, our store options are a small local store and a big box store, choices are very limited. In the past, I would make a monthly trip to Whole Foods, order from Azure Standard and various co-ops to find decent prices on organic or non-GMO products. If I found organic items locally, I had to pay a premium. Not anymore!