Kids Crafts

Easy Kid Craft Paper Mini Photo Books

As a child I remember sitting and flipping through the photos in our family photo boxes quite often. I would listen to my mom and dad tell us about stories and memories. Some from before I was born, and others I would get to relive myself. I loved it.

Once I was old enough, I started keeping my own photo boxes and shortly after, photo albums and scrapbooks. I still have many of the photos, ticket stubs and items I kept that held a memory. Looking back on those photos can be like taking a step back in time. Some of them I can remember like yesterday. I love being able to look back and relive many of those moments.

Simple Kid Craft: Watercolor Resist Artwork

To say that the kids love to paint is an understatement. We recently shared one of our favorite recipes for homemade watercolor paints that we decided to put to good use for artwork for our playroom/school room we are currently setting up. I wanted the kids to create watercolor resist art to display on our wall, but we decided rather than do so we crayons we would think out of the box and use Scotch® Tape.