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Repurpose Project: Men’s Sweater into a Boy’s Sweater

After taking a brief survey of what you all wanted to see on the blog, one of the popular requests was for more clothing refashions or repurposing projects. This is just the start of many to come and although may seem a bit intimidating, trust me, it really is quite simple. We took a men’s XXL sweater and cut it down to a boy’s size 8, repurposing the original neckline. Come read how!

Repurposing T Shirts: Newborn Sleeper

Repurposing t shirts is so much fun! The options are open and endless and let’s be honest…there is pretty much a huge surplus of t shirts everywhere. I have a huge collection of shirts in every color waiting to be packed up and brought to our new house. This newborn sleeper was made from one long-sleeved t shirt in just about 35 minutes.