Take a Deep Breath and Be Greatful for the Moments

Life has its way of throwing us curve balls that we sometimes aren’t quite prepared for.  Sometimes our life changes at the blink of an eye.  At times (like the birth of our children) it may be the best change we could ever wish for.  Other times we couldn’t have prepared ourselves for the trek that lays ahead.  I have to say, my life has taken every twist and turn and been turned inside out over the past five years.  They have been the most challenging, by far in my 29 years but also have brought the two greatest joys that I could have ever asked for, Austin & Adalynne!

Everyday is an adventure.  Motherhood is proving to be challenging but the most rewarding job I could have ever undertaken.  In a few short days my son will be turning 4 years old!  I know he is still young, but the first 4 years of his life have flown by.  Partially because life seems to have us so wrapped up with the concerns of everyday life that we stop taking time to notice the little things.   Just yesterday he was learning to lift his head, to sit up, crawl and then walk.  He didn’t talk much at first; boy when he started, it seemed like he said everything all at once!   Now he is taking on teaching his little sister the ropes.

Children are like sponges; everyday observing our character, what we say and our actions.  They imitate us in all we do.  This last week it broke my heart when my son asked that I come and lay with him as he went to bed.  Not because he asked me to lay with him, (because I love to cuddle him) but because he said, “Mommy you can even bring your computer and work if you want”.  It was like a knife to my heart realizing the message that I am putting across to him and Addie.  I don’t ever want my children to feel second to work or blogging.

Every moment I get to spend with my children is a great blessing.  We can’t foresee what tomorrow will bring, so we need to make the most of each moment, every day.  With that said, I stopped to take a deep breath, many in fact.  Where is my focus?  Unfortunately I do have to work right now.  So I have been evaluating my focus with the amount of time I am spending at home to work and blog. I have decided I have to make some adjustments and start setting aside time blocks to work and blog that are not taking away my time with my children.  They are only young once; we can’t get this time back.  I don’t want to look back with regrets!

It may slightly change the amount of deals or coupons I may post some days but I will still be posting daily, trying my very best to stick to my 2012 posting goals.  I am amazed at other bloggers and sit back and wonder how other mothers juggle the balance of family life and keeping up with blogging.

For myself and my family as we take our journey down the road of life, I hope to stop at all the breathtaking views and cherish each and every moment I am gifted with.  As difficult as some days or weeks may be, I am so blessed to have been given the privilege of Motherhood!

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