Take a Look at What Goes in to Making a Quarter Pounder-Infographic

We all consume products and don’t always think about what it has taken to get that product to us!  Although I am not a vegan or vegetarian, I do tend to think about where my products come from, even more so now than ever before.  For me the solution is to purchase as much as I can locally, direct from the farmers.

This is a sobering info-graphic by Robyn O’Brien.  Here is an exert from her article:

“With meat consumption near record levels in the United States and growing concern over the environmental impact that this consumption is having on resources like land and water, it’s worth considering that the United States eats more meat per capita than almost any other country on the planet.  We consume on average 270.7 pounds per person per year while the world averages 102.5 pounds.”

To view the entire article go here.

1 thought on “Take a Look at What Goes in to Making a Quarter Pounder-Infographic”

  1. Sobering thought….we just watched Forks over Knives for the first time. I think that this fact has changed my life. In fact I know it has. Thank you for the reminder.

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