Take a Step Back in Time at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis

I received special perks to share my honest opinions of our family’s visit to Grant’s Farm. All opinions shared are 100% my own.


Who knew right in the heart of Saint Louis was a gorgeous piece of history that has been preserved for all of us to enjoy?  It is like taking a step back in time.  A step back to the 1850s and onto the farm of Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the United States.

Grant and his new wife received 80 acres of family land southwest of St. Louis as a wedding gift. In 1855, Grant started sawing the logs that would be used to build a two-story cabin on the property.  Later the cabin would be completed in just three days with the help of friends.  The farm was purchased by August Busch Sr. in 1907 and restored in 1977.

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Grant’s Farm was opened to the public in 1954 and has been visited by more than 24 million guests.  After visiting with my family I know why so many others have flocked to it.

After parking you have the option to visit the stables that house the world-renowned Budweiser Clydesdale or hop aboard the tram to begin your guided tour through the 160-acre Deer Park.  During the tour you learn about some of the history of Grant’s Farm, pass by Grant’s cabin and see the amazing variety of animals in Deer Park.  On the farm, animals from six of the seven continents are free to roam the natural setting.

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As a family, it was such a joy to watch the animals roaming freely.  Some were close, others at a distance, but even the baby loved seeing the animals.  It is a relaxing drive that gets you excited to get up close and personal with other animals.

Once off the tram, our first stop was to ride the carousel.  It doesn’t get old, no matter how many times they ride, it always is new, exciting and brings loads of smiles.

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Then we were on to feed the baby goats.  I was a little concerned with how Addie would do with the goats coming after her and she couldn’t have loved it more.  With the goats jumping for a sip of the milk, they did jump and act as if they hadn’t just had sips from 20 bottles previously.

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The children loved the attention from the goats.  After their two bottles were emptied of every last drop, they begged for more bottles.

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Bethany was too small to feed the goats but with Daddy’s help she was able to enjoy the goats just as much as the older too.  At one, she already has such a deep love of animals.

Then we strolled around to look at the other animals.  There were kangaroos, turtles, bald eagles, elephants and so many other animals.

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Next up, a camel ride!

The lovely folks at Grants Farm sent us such a nice package with a camel for each of the children.  They loved them and were so excited about getting to ride the camels!  I was a little concerned Addie would back out once she saw how big the camels were but I was wrong.  We waited in line and watched some little tikes climb aboard the gentle camels.

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The kids wiggled and giggled with excitement.  They couldn’t wait to climb on.  It was finally our turn and they smiled and laughed with each step the camel took.

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Throughout the day, there are fun, educational animal encounters.  They entertain while teaching about the animals and conservation.  Be sure to stop in and see at least one of the shows.

After snagging lunch in the beautiful open air courtyard of the Bauernhof, we wondered through some of the stables showcasing horses from around the world.  It made the children even more excited to visit the Clydesdale stables.  The Bauernhof built in 1913 is typical of a 19th century Bavarian farm complete with stables, a carriage house, and offices and quarters for those who lived and worked there.

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We stopped off for snow cones and then into the enclosure to feed the parakeets.  You are given a bright popsicle stick with bird feed attached and then wait for the birds to flock to you.  After Austin having a bird land on his hand to eat, guess who asked for a bird for days after?  The birds were not timid and the children loved every moment of their interaction.

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We loaded a tram at the exit point to head back to the parking lot and over to the Clydesdale stables on the opposite side.  We were able to meet a beautiful Clydesdale up close and personal for a few moments and then we were able to walk through the stables to see several of the amazing horses!  The grounds are immaculate and beautiful, just what you would expect from the Anheuser-Busch family.

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We had decided against the Clydesdale stable tour because we were worried it would be too long for the children.  Now that we were with the horses, we utterly regretted it.  If your children love animals, I would highly recommend it.

As we drove away, Bryan spoke of returning to see the Clydesdale again and even visiting the Warm Springs Ranch.

Celebrating 60 years open to the public this year, Grant’s Farm admission is free.  There is a $12 parking fee and the animal interactions are an additional fee.  For those who are visiting and over 21, you can enjoy free adult beverages in the hospitality house.  Bottom line, if you are looking for a fun way to take in a bit of history, the beautiful outdoors and beautiful creatures, a day at Grant’s Farm would be the perfect agenda!

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