Taking a Step Back From Technology with Creative Play

Pacific play tents addieIn the digital age we live in, I think it is more that easy to get caught up with screens, apps and video games.  Not just for adult, but this is a huge issue with children.  Not that these amazing technologies don’t have their place, but I think all too often they occupy more time that what they really should.

We use technology to help with homeschooling and would be lost without it.  I also think that kids need to be outside in the dirt.  Be active with creative play.  Learn what might now be considered old-fashioned games but learn to enjoy the outdoors like we did as kids.

This is the summer I plan to teach my children to learn how to jump rope, play with a sheet to make a group tent, have a field day with fun races and an outdoor scavenger hunt, have water balloon fights, play in the sprinkler and play with a slip and slide.

Do you remember as a kid, playing outside all day?  Summer days were for being outside.  During the heat of the day we played in the water and would eat homemade popsicles.  When it was the cool of the evening, we would chase and catch fireflies for hours.  I have so many amazing memories that didn’t include technology.

pacific play tents kids in sacks

Pacific Play tents is a company that takes you back with toys and products that use imagination and creative play to create those awesome memories with your children, while allowing their imaginations to soar!  We recently had the chance to receive their cotton canvas sacks and I couldn’t have been more excited.

When the package arrived and I showed them to the children, I expected a little excitement!  It didn’t happen.  Why would they be excited about sacks?  But they had no clue what they would be used for!  Once I explained that we would be having a field day this summer and we would be having sack races, well that got them excited!  I hadn’t been in a sack race in many, many years but remember just how much fun they were.  After trying them out for a bit, they were even more excited!

If you are looking to have some technology radio silence this summer, be sure to check out the amazing products offered by Pacific Play Tents, because it will take you back to your own childhood and give you the chance to engage with your children in real play!


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