Taking Our Own Health Seriously with EPOCH Health

This post is sponsored by Epoch, but all opinions are my own.  I am not a doctor, and this is not meant to be taken as medical advice, I am sharing my own experiences.

Taking our health seriously and putting us first as parents can be a hard course.  Finding the time and the funds when you are a parent can be difficult, but it is more important now than ever before.  This year has been another trying year for my family physically and well, emotionally you could say too.  When you are dealing with physical problems, it tends to affect us emotionally as well.  This year my husband was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, he has had multiple hospital visits and stays, and has lost 75 pounds since May.  It’s been a roller coaster for sure.  Staying on top of his health has been a huge priority for us.

During the course of the year, I’ve had to analyze my own health.  Being brutally honest here, I currently am very uncomfortable with my weight.  I weigh more now than I did when I gave birth to my first two children.  I’ve taken some sort of hormones since I was sixteen due to not producing enough of the right type.  I’ve taken hormones and steroids during my pregnancies to help my babies grow and develop, and now being without since Caleb was born, my body has crashed.  I’ve not been able to lose weight like I should be able to. I have had a lack of energy and I can admit, I have plenty of moody days I would like to live without.

When I was introduced to EPOCH Health here in Arkansas, I immediately thought it was just a service for men, but I was wrong!  Bryan and I had the opportunity to visit a clinic in Central Arkansas for a FREE, yep free health screening test, that includes CBC, PSA, and testosterone to talk and discuss our first wellness checkup.

Let me start out by telling you a little about EPOCH Health.  EPOCH is a new, evolutionary, personalized health care clinic in Northwest and Central Arkansas.  While you might think that they are only about hormones, that would incorrect.  They specialize in hormone treatments, but also in heart health/cholesterol, early cancer detection and prevention, wellness and testosterone.  They even administer B12 shots.

The FREE comprehensive screenings include CBC, PSA, and Testosterone. Anyone, either male or female that wants to address an issue they are having or are just curious about their own health can have the FREE screening done.

We were greeted by a warm receptionist in a professional but relaxed atmosphere.  We had scheduled appointments, but they also have many individuals that come in as walk-in patients.  There was a large reception area with snacks and a coffee bar and plenty of televisions, so you can be comfortable while you wait.  We waited a total of 16 minutes, that included us filing out our paperwork and turning it back in.  So, from walking in the door, before we were taken to a room, it was 16 minutes total.  Now I know that each experience will be different, but I completely appreciated the very short wait time compared to the hour plus I usually wait at my doctor’s office.

Once in the room, the nurse verified our information and took a great deal of time answering our questions about options.  Our initial visit was to find out more about their offerings and have our labs drawn to see where our own health stands.  They don’t just test for hormone levels, they test a vast variety from thyroid levels to blood proteins.  They aren’t just trying to sell you on hormone treatments, they truly want to get to the root cause of your health care issue.  If you suffer from lack of energy and weight gain, it can be a number of different factors, not just hormone related and the doctors at EPOCH Health want to help you get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Both my husband and I had our FREE screening and labs drawn.  While the men’s labs tend to take less time than the women’s lab results to return, the turnaround is typically about a week.  At that point, you would return for your second visit or they have an awesome new option they are in the Beta test mode for, and that is telemedicine.  Since they know everyone’s time is precious, this option allows you to have your second consult within your own comforts, without taking time for another office visit.  During this visit you would discuss your labs and address the related concerns based upon the results, as well as treatment options.

They offer a variety of treatment options, while in the office we spent time discussing the testosterone option as well as estrogen.  Many people don’t realize the direct relationship their hormones play in their health and overall well-being.  Low hormone levels can cause weight gain, low energy levels, they can affect your desire for intimacy, and even affect our aging.  Over my course of taking various hormones I’ve had simple pills, patches, shots, creams and suppositories.  Yes, all have small side effects and have warnings, but I personally found that the benefits always outweighed the risk in my personal situation.  That is why EPOCH Health was awesome, because I laid out all my concerns and the doctor spent time, unrushed answering each and every one of them.

They offer hormone treatments in the form of shots and pellets.  The pellets were new to me because it was something I had not heard about before actually.  Shots are great options for men receiving testosterone treatments because the office can quickly adjust the treatment options as they are monitored.   Women’s estrogen and testosterone (yes, women also need testosterone on a much smaller scale) can be given by injections but also through a pellet form that is placed under the skin and the output amount is based upon your heart rate and physical activity.  No more valleys and peaks with hormones, it gives you a levelized amount for the course of your treatment, so you don’t experience the crashes that can be associated with other forms.

While I realize hormones are not for everyone, I truly appreciated the time that was taken by the nurses and doctor to kindly answer all my questions about treatment options, safety, other health effects and side effects (which are minimal in most cases).  We are currently awaiting the results from our labs to discuss the next steps but I’m very excited to see where my levels are compared to where I was shortly after giving birth to Caleb.

In order to be the best mom I can for my children, I have to main my own health a priority.  I’m truly excited to have been introduced to EPOCH Health.  You can personally schedule your FREE screening from any of their five location: Benton, Conway, Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Rogers.

Being Arkansas owned and operated, they want to help you achieve a healthy balance.  Through the state-of-the-art approach that is used to analyze symptoms and pair them with the appropriate medical treatments, EPOCH Health wants to personally enhance the quality of our lives.

You can learn more about the services EPOCH health provides and schedule your own FREE screening by visiting their website.

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