Teaching Our Girls to Love Themselves

Today’s post is sponsored by Unilever and Dove Hair.  All opinions and stories shared are 100% my own.

Growing up in a family of seven, we resembled each other in many ways but in others, we looked entirely different.  Out of my family both my parents had dark black hair along with one of my sisters, two had brown hair and my brother and myself had blonde hair.  One had curls, mine was super thick, two sisters had my mother’s fine hair, all types were represented.  I remember being so jealous of my sister’s curls.  They were so beautiful and bouncy.  I spent many hours curling my hair to have some of the volume she had.  She on the other hand would have given anything to have straight hair.  We often think what someone else has is more beautiful than accepting our own.

Miss B Dumbo

Over the years I have learned to accept what I have and that beauty comes in many, many forms.  Now that I have two daughters (and two sons) of my own, I want them to learn early on what it took me many years to.  We are all different and diverse and that is exactly what makes each and every person beautiful. I want them to be confident and when they look in the mirror, love themselves, crazy hair and all.


Both of my daughter’s are blessed with very beautiful hair.  Both are blonde and just as adorable as you can get in my books.  Addie who is now seven begged to grow her hair out.  When she was very little I wore it in a cute bob but she decided that she wanted long hair and as it continues to grow out, she beams.  She does truly love her hair.  Many days she requests how she wants to wear it and after it is fixed, her smile says it all.  I love that they have opinions on how they would like their hair to be fixed.  I love the golden glow that reflects from their hair and smiles in the sunlight.


Our sponsored partner Dove has launched an amazing #LoveYourHair campaign where they are encouraging moms to have open conversations with their daughters to love their hair!  Why you might ask?  That may seem like a silly topic to some, but Dove Hair found out that 8 in 10 women feel pressured to wear their hair a certain way.  Pressure to be accepted and conform starts very early.   Since about 82% of girls learn to care for themselves from their mothers, they can become such a positive role model.  Moms can open the dialogue and take the lead in helping their daughters accept themselves and boost their confidence.


My desires for my daughters are that they learn to be confident in who they are.  I want them to love themselves for who they are and not ever be afraid to be show their inner heart.  As mothers, we have the opportunity to shower them with our unconditional love so they can blossom to become strong, successful, confident, beautiful women.

To create an opening for dialogue in celebrating the beauty of our daughters hair, Dove wants you to create your own animated message and share why you love your daughter’s hair – so as she grows, she will always love her hair.  It is simple, head over to LoveYourHair.Dove.com add her name, upload your photo, customize your message and share!  Let’s be the beginning in their confidence and show them how truly beautiful their hair is.

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